Pisces May

Finally, your time to manifest all your sexual fantasies has arrived! At least starting May 13th, you’ll really get that impression. Mars, the Planet of Action, will enter your sign on that day, and it will remain there for six glorious weeks. You come alive when Mars is in Pisces, and people want to be near you more than ever because you make them come alive too. It’s a powerful time to be a Pisces, loving a Pisces, or loved by a Pisces. All you have to do is be present with all the feelings that exist within you right now, at this very moment. And then you should accept that the moment shifts, as do your emotions.

There’s a chance Mars in Pisces can lead to you getting lost in escapist tendencies. Sex, weed, alcohol, extreme sleeping, eating, or overindulging in a vice of your choice can be a tendency. This includes getting so deep in the desire to heal or know your shadow side, that you end up forgetting how much you’ve already been whole all along. That’s why the Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th is one that should be navigated with someone that feels safe and like home to you. Even if you’re your primary lover and person you choose to view as home. Nurture yourself by being conscious of every moment you have with yourself, and treating it like a precious jewel. Suddenly, putting on lotion in the morning becomes a sensual act of pleasure. Listening to your favorite song while fantasising of your crush and making yourself feel great is an act of sex. Your imagination and sexual aura intensifies this month, whether you’re riding solo or involved with other people.

Retrograde season is in full swing with your traditional ruler Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, continuing its four-month retrograde in the Earth sign of Capricorn. When you add the fact that Venus, Saturn and Pluto also will be retrograde this month, you may not be as focused on cultivating new love as you are on either healing from past love, or reconnecting with past lovers. They’ll be drawn to you, particularly since Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, is direct in your sign.

When both Mars and Neptune are in Pisces, as they will be this month, your erotic nature is in high demand, even if you don’t recognize it yourself. You could be in sweats chillin’ at home and your selfie will be an explosive fan favorite. If there were ever a season to hype yourself up and fall in love with how you look and feel, it would be the Mars in Pisces season during retrograde season. You’re realizing how much you underestimated your own worth these past few months, and you may have also cut off your own blessings when you ghosted people who genuinely cared about you, because you were afraid they were playing games, or you didn’t think you were ready for love.

Gemini Season activates your sector of roots and the home, and if you’re a single Pisces who has been connecting romantically and flirtatiously with other skymates, you may find yourself at odds with the desire to slow down and commit to to one lover, or your desire to keep exploring to your heart’s content. Since Venus, the Planet of Love, will be retrograde in Gemini starting mid-month, you’ll probably be vacillating between both spectrums anyways. There are times when the person you’re sexting, making love to, or fantasizing of making love to is quite consistent in your mind, and they turn you on like no one else — even if all you’re doing is thinking of them. But then, there are times when another crush or future vision enters your consciousness, and your attention and sexual desires drift to them. That’s okay, babe. Indulge in the abundance of love and potential lovers that exist, even if at first they’re make-believe.

If you’re already partnered, Gemini Season and the Gemini New Moon will bring out a riskier, more adventurous and free-spirited side to you. You and your lover may try positions that include duality, blindfolding, role-play, and releasing all gender roles or expectations. You’ll get to take on different personas in bed or while sending each other risky messages, and they’ll be extremely drawn to your powers of imagination and how you can turn them on from near or far. If you’ve been wanting to spice things up in your sex life, take time around the New Moon in Gemini on the 22nd of May to speak with your lover(s) about what your ideal sex positions are. Make sure you reciprocate that energy to each other and open up to each other without judgment. The more comfortable you are talking about how much you want to have sex, in what positions, and for what reasons, the more interesting and penetrating your sex life becomes. Soak it all up.