Pisces November

It’s a significant month for you sexually, personally, and emotionally speaking, Pisces. Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy & Illusion, has been retrograde in your sign for several months, and on the 27th of November it will finally go direct. You’ll feel the pre-shadow effects as early as November 1st, and it’ll make you reconsider some of the recent sexual and emotional decisions you have taken. How much have these decisions come from your ego or pride, rather than from your heart’s genuine desires?

With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, retrograde in your fellow Water Sign of Scorpio all month long, your sensitivity will be at an all-time high, and you may find yourself easily triggered or taking things more personally than usual. It’s essential for you to not become reactive or even judgmental of how your significant other(s) may be acting during this retrograde. Instead, let yourself acknowledge that you’re in a dream world, and you’re many people’s fantasy.

This will become especially clear around the Taurus Full Moon that takes place on November 12th and activates your communication sector. Something that you’ve been meaning to get off your chest and let your lover know will finally be ready to be revealed, even if you don’t fully feel ready. The Taurus Full Moon will have you both feeling raw and naked. It may even make sense to have this type of honest conversation while making love, before making love, during, or afterwards. Really tap into the spiritual nature of having sex, and become aware that mind games, secrecy, and subconscious responses based on old behavioral patterns are no longer beneficial for this phase of your evolution, Pisces.

On the 19th, Mars, the Planet of Action, leaves airy Libra and shifts into the sensitive waters of Scorpio for the rest of the year. Pisces, you often get extremely sexually stimulated when Mars is in Scorpio (or when any major transit is in Scorpio, really), and this transit is no exception. In fact, it’s intensified by the fact that Neptune, your ruling planet, ends its retrograde on the 27th of this month, and Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, spends its final full month in the sign of Sagittarius. Whew, Pisces!! This month will feel very dream-like, even more so than usual. But the thing about dreams, is that you’re never fully aware of the direction that they’re going to go. This means surrendering. This month, especially during Scorpio Season and then Mars’ entrance into Scorpio, sex is about surrender. Sweet surrender.

Make sure to set intentions during the first 10 days of November so that you can get clear about what you’re surrendering to. In order to attract lovers that you trust, it helps to familiarize yourself with what trustworthiness is to you. All sexual interactions this month will be tied with emotional transparencies. The more you and your lover(s) keep it real, the more turned on you become. Neptune being direct in your sector of self helps you realize just how powerful your energy is. There’s no need to play small, Pisces. You deserve all the orgasms — the real, earth-shaking ones, not ones you feel the need to fake. Prioritize your sensual pleasure.

If you don’t feel drawn to anyone in particular this month, it may be an indication that you must take time to connect with yourself more consistently. If you’ve become numb to love due to past hurts, Mercury Retrograde, combined with Neptune going direct in your sign at the end of the month, will lead to serendipitous situations manifesting in your love life. Just when you thought it was getting boring or predictable, someone will show up sexually and awaken you to feelings and sensations you’ve been seeking to experience for a long time. This will especially be the case once Sag Season starts on the 22nd of November, and activates your sector of expansion and adventure.

Pisces, you will come alive, both in and out of the bedroom, with the Sun in fiery Sag. Your animal-like side emerges and people are drawn to your energy and literally want to absorb it. This is magnified due to Mars, the Planet of Action, entering Scorpio on the 19th. There’s no limit to how deeply penetrating your sexual experiences can be as the month rounds out — only the limits you create in your mind. The key is to gift yourself the right to be fully sexually awakened.

Neptune’s retrograde has woken you up and now that Neptune’s direct, you can’t and won’t settle for anything sexually, spiritually or emotionally mediocre. Orgasmic awakenings are the vibe as we enter 2020 — the type of sexual awakenings you give and gladly receive. Abundance, ahhh-bundance. As you read the word AHHHH-bundance imagine yourself and your partner(s) screaming from pleasure . That’s what you can and will manifest this month if you get out of your own way and let your sexy, soulful self lead the way. And that’s just the beginning. With Neptune direct in your sector of self for the next seven months, there’s so much more to cum. After you, my love.