Pisces November

Pisces, you have so many admirers, but you don’t always pay them much attention because you’re so much in your own dream world. This month, though, everything changes. Not only does your ruler Neptune end its five-month retrograde at the end of the month, but with both Chiron and Mars in Aries activating your sector of security and abundance, you’re likely going to connect with someone in a way that feels like they’re a soulmate or a twin flame. The sex, the hand grazing, the eye contact and the sweet whispers you exchange each other will feel otherworldly, and perhaps it is… This isn’t the most practical or logical of months, Pisces. It’s the type of month where you should trust your mind, body and soul as they intuitively lead you to and where you need to be. Let your lips take the lead too as they converge with another special person’s lips, if the opportunity presents itself and your heart’s open to such a connection, be this a long-term lover or a new potential boo.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 15th activates a six-month chapter in your life where you want to explore more of your shadow when it comes to sex. You won’t be in the mood to be as much of a people-pleaser in bed sexually. You’ll want to be more dominating and aggressive, and this will actually profoundly turn on your partners because they’ll see and experience a side of you that they may have been fantasizing of. Your mind-reading skills and intuitive abilities deepen considerably during the first three weeks of November in particular. You could think of a specific person or vibe you’d like to experience and next thing you know you’ll be making out with them. That’s why you should have fun with your visualization and manifestation powers this month and spend more time thinking about what you want to feel sexually and emotionally — it’s coming.

Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Libra until the 21st, activating your sector of depth and intimacy. If you’re not currently in a committed relationship, this is an ideal transit for dating and saying yes to adventurous proposals. You’ll be in the mood to shamelessly flirt and be flirted with, and you’ll be feeling tastefully explorative with your current or new partners. This is a month where you’ll prioritize reciprocity when it comes to the pleasure you give and receive. With Mars, the Planet of Action, spending its first full month direct in Aries, activating your sector of security and abundance, allow yourself to be more selfish and bold in your requests and fantasies. Treat this month like your magic genie, ready to grant you whatever you wish, particularly sexually and financially. The more you let yourself envision your financial wealth this month, the sexier and more magnetic you feel, and the more romantic wealth you’ll attract!

The start of Sag Season on the 21st, followed by the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 30th, takes your sex life to fiery dimensions, as your sector of expansion is activated by Sag Season, and your sector of roots and domesticity is activated by the Lunar Eclipse. If you’ve been attracted to someone at work these past six months or more, you may find that the attraction becomes undeniable and leads to a sexual combustion by month’s end, especially once your ruler Neptune ends its retrograde in you sign on the 28th. The type of things fantasies are made of!! Sex on the desk or in the conference room, exchanging sexts in between shifts, hooking up with your boss, or dirty talking on the phone until the wee hours of the morning — nothing’s off the table. Let yourself indulge in the depths of desires you’re here to experience, Pisces. You deserve!