Pisces September

Sex with you this month will feel particularly otherworldly. It always does, but it hits different when there’s a Pisces Full Moon at the start of September, followed by a Virgo New Moon two weeks later, on September 17th, activating your sector of partnership and marriage. When you add in the fiery and intense energy of Mars in Aries, plus the mesmerizing vibes of Venus in Leo, you’ll be feeling like a sexual superstar, even if you’ve been abstaining from sex during your ruling planet Jupiter’s four-month retrograde. Jupiter has now transited direct, and you’ll therefore find that your more introverted and shy days are behind you — you’re like a bear awakening from hibernation, feeling very hungry for more intimacy and even a bit of consensual aggression… You need to get out there and make sure you give your body what it deserves, Pisces!

Whoever gets their hands on you this month will not want to stop touching, kissing, licking, and loving on you, whether it’s in person or virtually. Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is also one of your planetary rulers, and it’s quietly been retrograde these past few months, intensifying your own magnetism and making you dream of the one(s) you love, and then attracting their energy in “real life.” This combo of one of your rulers being direct and the other still retrograde can lead to you going back and forth between being shy sexually or wanting to fully let your most erotic urges come out and play.

The start of Libra Season on the 22nd will encourage you to throw caution to the wind, Pisces. You’ve been overanalyzing every sexual and emotional decision during Virgo Season, and now you’re ready to simply flow with what your body, mind and soul are asking you to do, and who they’re asking you to merge with. If you’re missing your ex and they’re the best to ever give you head, and that’s what you’re craving right now, then f*ck it — go f&ck them. As long as your mental or spiritual health isn’t impacted of course. Sometimes sex with an ex is a healing act in itself. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal during Libra Season. It can simply be something you desire. Giving into your desires when they’re not damaging to yourself or others, is essential to your sexual and emotional bliss this month.

By the 29th, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, will have ended its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, and this activates your sector of social networks. Someone you may have connected with digitally for most of the year may be on your mind as the month ends, and vice-versa. You may receive a series of sensual texts, or a video call that leaves you horny and wanting more. You may be in the mood to film your own movie with your lover if they’re accessible to you and open to it. You won’t go half-way either — you’ll order all the necessary props and toys to make this a timeless experience. And the moans, groans and screams will very much be real too.