Pisces May

We’ve made it to May, Pisces. After an intense two months filled with Pisces energy, you’ll notice more Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer vibes in the cosmos this month (and this may actually coincide with the types of people you’re attracted to — they may have one, some or all of those placements prominently within their birth charts). But the month of May isn’t about limiting yourself or judging a book by its cover.

Because it’s retrograde season, an ex you thought you’d never see again may pop back up into your life, but they may truly give you the impression of being new and improved. Sometimes your physical urges get the best of you, and logic goes right out the window when someone who turns you on pops back up in your vicinity. Use the Taurus New Moon on the 4th to get clear about who stays and who goes when it comes to access to your heart, mind, body and soul. Between the 4th and the 14th, allow potential, current and past sexual and romantic suitors to show you their evolution if you feel inclined. Their words and their actions will tell you everything you need to know.

Mid-month, Mars, Planet of Action, shifts into Cancer, while Venus, Planet of Love, shifts into Taurus. With Mars in Cancer, slow dancing, delicate massages, home-cooked meals, reading each other love stories, writing poems to each other, and sexting will be your foreplay and sexual stimulation of choice. Even if there’s no actual penetration involved, the sex appeal you generate will be supercharged with Mars in a fellow Water sign. All Pisces may find themselves more easily lubricated and seeking the desire to let their freakiness take the lead.

If your current partner is willing to explore the freakier and more uninhibited side of you, they will like what they see, hear, feel and smell… Everything that you do as a lover is supreme, Pisces. People won’t be able to get enough. What’s important is for you to check yourself and make sure that you’re connecting with people sexually and intimately because you actually care deeply for them and are into the act, and not just because it’s an ego boost or internal validation.

Since we’re in the midst of retrograde season, prepare to have several reality checks where it may feel like you’re in a repetitive sexual cycle, always attracting the same experiences. Even if you’re committed, how much do you feel like there’s innovation and variety in your union, and how much would you like to switch things up? Now that Uranus, Planet of Surprise, is in Taurus, you’ll find yourself able to create a new normal in your sex lifestyle, and you also won’t hesitate to put your needs first rather than being overly focused on pleasing your partner. If you’re not currently in a love or sex partnership, you may find yourself being more comfortable in your solitude this retrograde season, but nostalgia and horniness will still be a reality for you. Investing highly charged sexual vibes into your art can be a great outlet for the passion that exists within.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th will highlight your desire to be more selfish in sex… You may have given, given, given so much of your mind, body and soul when both Mercury and Venus were in your sign last month. But now that tables have turned and a more ruthless, unapologetic side of you comes out. If sex is on your mind and you have the ability to get some from compatible beings, then get ready to boss people around in bed, smack their asses, and tell them exactly how hard, fast, soft or slow you want it. Speak your truth, use your nails to scratch, playfully bite your lover(s)… Let them see you for who you really are, shadow side and all. The Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most erotic moments of the year, and it may bring out a side of you that you’re not used to. Your raw and fearless nature emerges, and the innocent Pisces disappears, replaced by the darker and more dangerous version of yourself. Role play, dress up, handcuffs, blindfolds… There are no limits to how kinky the end of May can be if you release the taboos and delve into your sultriest fantasies, Pisces. Have the sex of your dreams.