Pisces January

After six weeks of Mars being in your zodiac sign, Pisces, it shifts into fiery Aries as the month begins, and this lights up your security and abundance sector. Throughout January, you’ll be thinking of your sexual connections in terms of what brings the most value and sense of security to your life. Sex is never just about sex to you, Pisces, even it appears to be something you do as casually as breathing. There’s always a deeper layer that exists with all of your sexual connections, even the flings or one-night stands. Because we have two life-altering eclipses taking place this month, you’ll pay more attention to these shifts, and you’ll be more in tune with your sexual powers.

You were feeling great during Mars in Pisces last month, and you may have received a lot of increased attention from romantic suitors recently. January 2019 is an ideal time to look back on last year’s sexual experiences and decide what intention you’d like to set for your sex life this year. A part of you may want to go with the flow and allow yourself to live moment by moment, but the energy of the Sun in Capricorn for the first three weeks of the month will also have you thinking long-term. You dream of a soul-stirring relationship where you can truly let your freaky, sexual and sensual side come out. If you’re already in such a relationship, the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 5 will intensify the energies and sexual attraction between you, especially because the eclipse highlights your communication and connection sectors. If you’re single and seeking to attract a consistent sexual partner, this eclipse will open doors, often unexpectedly, which can lead to you doing so in the next six months. Just be careful what you wish for around this first eclipse of the year, Pisces. Your powers of attraction are heightened with this New Moon energy. Don’t ask for what you can’t handle. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you’ll receive your desires in abundance, and they’ll come quite rapidly too.

Venus, the Planet of Love, spends the last 3 weeks of January in Sagittarius, and that’s going to help you come out of your own world and be aware of all that romantic and sexual options and choices that exist around you. As a Pisces, you’re someone who’s often led by instinct and intuition. If you’ve been dreaming of being with someone recently, Venus in Sagittarius will help you be bolder, more spontaneous and flirtatious in your approach when manifesting that fantasy. Plus, once Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Total Eclipse Full Moon in Leo on the 21st, your intuitive insights will be so profound that you may feel like you’re living a dream.

The energy of Aquarius Season helps you honestly assess the relationships that you’ve outgrown, and there may be a period of time around the Full Moon when you have to peacefully release or let go of unhealthy sexual relationships. The thing about you Pisces, is that you tend to merge mind, body and soul with those you’re smitten with, even if they’re not that healthy for you. This eclipse will give you the push you need to step out of that repetitive pattern and not be a masochist. Work on manifesting sexual relationships that are mutually fulfilling and spiritually nurturing. Around this eclipse, some Pisces may decide to be celibate or abstinent until they know that they’re with a partner who reciprocates energy equally. If you’re already in a sexual relationship and you’ve been taking time to dive deeper and explore each others’ more intense and secretive desires, with a spirit of non-judgment. The more you’re able to step into your most passionate desires, the more the Universe will help you manifest a sexual partner that fulfills them. 

The month ends with a harmonious alignment between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, and this will lead you to have a more mature mindset about sex. Your desire to have quality over quantity in your sexual interactions becomes more of a priority, so you may end up turning down booty call requests and ignoring late-night sexts. You seek profound intimacy and enlightening conversations over shallow sex, and this will lead to you feeling sexually empowered as the year keeps going. You know what you want, so go get it Pisces.