Pisces March

Happy March, Pisces! The first 20 days of the month continue to be all about you, as Pisces Season helps boost your self-esteem, sexual magnetism, and strong physical urges. Tap into the power of your season and let it transform your life and relationships from the inside out. Everything you’ve ever wanted your sex life to be is within your reach, and your job is to not play yourself by thinking of what could go wrong. Instead, use your powers of manifestation to visualize the specific orgasms, gasps, shrieks or sighs that you can envision yourself and your partner(s) experiencing together. Your birthday season is the time of year when you feel most empowered and also the sexiest, so let your primal nature take the lead. Forget about what’s practical or expected in your sex life, and allow yourself to pursue whoever drives you wild and turns you on. This year is going to help you break free of the limitations you previously placed on yourself, Pisces.

With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, going retrograde in your zodiac sign, life is going to feel a bit foggy sexually and romantically, but that may ultimately lead to you having sex that feels like a fantasy or a dream, even if you can’t fully tell what it all means. By no means does that mean you have to let a toxic ex back into your life just because the sex was great (#PiscesProblems), but if there’s someone that you haven’t been able to stop fantasizing of or getting horny over and they make a reappearance, view it as a sign that the Universe wants you to connect with them and let them bring you to new levels of consciousness on a mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual level.

There are times when you may get a bit triggered during Mercury Retrograde though, particularly if you’ve been ghosted by a previous sex partner or someone you’ve ghosted tries to demand your time, energy, body or attention again. This is a reminder that setting and asserting your boundaries is crucial for your sexual and emotional health. Don’t worry about pleasing others or not rocking the boat. Be selfish with your body, time and energy — especially during your birthday season! Your annual New Moon in Pisces takes place on the 6th, and its energy lasts until the 16th. That’s the period this month when you may feel most energized and sexually free, so if you’re ready to set intentions in order to have a more liberated and freaky sexual lifestyle, do so from the 6th to the 16th. Mercury Retrograde will help you think back to when you had the wildest, wettest and most wondrous sex of your life. You don’t have to go back to the past, but you can think about the people, places, and circumstances that made you feel sexiest and celebrated. You’ll also think of the opposite case, and you’ll find yourself analyzing which experiences were the least satisfying and why. It’s very likely that if you failed to have an emotional connection with someone, or if you felt like you were being taken for granted or used for sex, then you were unable to fully enjoy the experience, even if the person was attractive. May this serve as a lesson for you, Pisces. Your intuition helps you attract the sex experiences that are meant for you, and distance yourself from those that are not.

Once Aries Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Libra Full Moon later that day, you’ll start to feel empowered in your romantic and sexual decisions, even if Mercury is still retrograde. That’s because your security and abundance sector will be activated by the Aries Sun, and this will lead to you having greater choices in your love life. Already boo’d up? You and your partner may decide to travel, start a new passion project together, try for kids, get married later this year, etc… Making such commitments will increase your attraction to your partner, and you’ll be rolling around in the sheets in no time! If you’re not in a defined relationship or taking a break from dating, the Full Moon in Libra will highlight certain fears or insecurities you may have in regards to sex, love, dating, and intimacy. Take time during the final 10 days of the month to admit those fears or doubts. That’s the only way you’ll transcend them and let your naughtiness be expressed without shame. You deserve to be properly loved, Pisces. This is the month to prioritize passion and pleasure.