Pisces September

Welcome to one of the sexiest and sultriest months of the year for you, Pisces! Your annual Pisces Full Moon takes place September 14, making some of your romantic and creative dreams come true. You’ll be more magnetic and attractive than ever this month, and you should make the most of this increase in attention. Virgo Season keeps going strong for the first three weeks of September, activating your sector of relationships. You may have been way too hard on yourself and your sex partner(s) during Virgo Season, and this may have caused a bit of tension at first in your relationship. But since September started off with the Virgo New Moon, you’ve been working on re-evaluating some of your actions in your relationships.

How much have you left it up to your lover(s) to guess what your sexual needs are, as if they’re mind readers? Of course if you’re with a fellow Pisces, or a Scorpio or Cancer, there are high chances that they can read your mind and give you what you want. But even some can’t fully grasp the intensity of the passion you’re seeking. Do you even understand? Take time around the Virgo New Moon to process what you want, pleasure yourself first, and then dare to share your needs with others. If they need more specific guidance on how to please you, don’t be afraid to show them. Pisces is often characterized as being the innocent, sweet sign of the zodiac, but we all know there’s a wild, naughty and sometimes dangerous side that exists within you. This is the month to let it out.

When your Pisces Full Moon comes around on the 14th, you’ll feel like a werewolf, able to manifest anything you desire, at any moment. Even though waves of nostalgia may wash over you — as Saturn is finishing its retrograde around your annual Full Moon, reminding you of the highs and lows you’ve experienced in your sex and love life — this Full Moon is about shedding the dead weight, and envisioning a life that’s beyond your current scope. Trust in the magical unfolding of your journey, and know that you are reborn.

Some Pisces may feel a greater ability to let go of their attachments to people, situations, expectations, or long-held belief systems. You’re seeing yourself as a sexual being, in a much more spiritual and existential way than ever before. That means you, and your lover(s), are going to explore lovemaking in more mystical and juicy ways than ever. Your imagination will be at an all-time high, as will your sex drive. September 9 – 15th is going to be one of the wettest and sultriest weeks of the month, so prepare your body, mind and soul for an orgasmic experience.

Venus, the Planet of Love, and Mercury, Planet of Communication, both enter Libra on the same day as your annual Full Moon, and this helps lighten up the cosmos considerably. Libra energy activates your sector of intimacy and depth, and since Libra energy is flirtatious, charming, extraverted and popular, you’ll find yourself acting this way in your love and sex life. If you’re single, you may enjoy playing the field and not taking anything too seriously at this time. This will be a contrast to the intensity of your Full Moon — your heart will be saying hold on, and your brain will be saying let go and know that there are so many fish in the sea. It’s up to you to find a middle ground this month, Pisces. Definitely give your body what / who it wants, but make sure they’re good for your mental health above all…

Once Saturn Retrograde ends on the 18th, you’ll find yourself ready to end situationships that have caused you more pain than pleasure. While you may end up having wild break-up sex around that time, the start of Libra Season on the 23rd will remind you of the art of cultivating healthy detachment from needing to control your lovers though sex, emotional manipulation, or playing hard to get. You’ll have to communicate your needs and expectations, and then let go of the need to know the outcome. Focus on feeling sexy in your own world, without needing external validation from lovers, crushes, or potential baes. Yes, it’s amazing to have that aspect of human connection in your life, but September will help you leave behind co-dependent ties and make sure you cultivate a life where you are your main turn-on. And a whole new world will open up to you once you prioritize yourself, Pisces. Nothing’s sexier than an empowered Pisces on a mission to be sexually liberated. That’s you!