Sag January

Sag, this month, you’ll find yourself turned on by stability and security. After more than 13 months of your ruler Jupiter being in your sign, you’re starting to get adjusted to its newfound position in the stable, grounded sign of Capricorn. Before you start thinking that means sex and relationships will be boring or mundane, it’s important for you to define what your idea of a fun sexual experience is in the first place. Is it one that’s a whirlwind of emotions, but leaves you feeling unsettled about the intentions of the connection in the first place? Or is it one that provides profound stimulation and orgasms, and can also provide cuddles, and breakfast in bed? Perhaps you’re perfectly satisfied indulging in sex pleasure or abstaining from sex altogether.

The Cancer Eclipse on the 10th will be felt all month long, and since it activates Sag’s sector of depth and intimacy, these are the themes that will be on your mind all month long. You won’t want to be having sex just for the sake of it. You want it to be a spiritually and sexually immersive experience that leaves you panting, gasping, begging for more. Nothing about the sex you have this month will feel casual or carefree, and that’s a good thing, Sag. Don’t run away from intimacy when you’ve low-key been searching for it for a while now. This eclipse portal will bring exactly what you’ve been seeking into your life.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in your sign all month long, so you may feel like the fiery and unpredictable energy of Mars in Sag completely contradicts the intense Capricorn and Cancer energy in the cosmos. And in many ways, it does. Just when you may feel ready to say bye to all situationships or inconsistent partners, Mars in Sag will encourage you to switch things up romantically, and in the bedroom. You may find yourself seeking exploration and adventure, so you’ll want to integrate sex toys, unique sex positions, and even outdoor sex into your life. You shouldn’t keep these fantasies all to yourself, Sag. Use your legendary boldness and outspokenness to find sexy, hilarious and refreshing ways to let your bae(s) know what’s up. Text them a booty call location. Write them a love note that says “wanna f*ck? Yes __ No ___ Maybe __” If it’s a yes, then followup with a “when and where” note. And voilà. Your woohoo appointment is set!

This is the thing, Sag. It’s 2020. You make the rules. That’s what Mars in Sag is here to remind you of. And once Aquarius Season begins on the 19th, it’s a wrap. Your communication sector is activated by this Aquarius energy. Make your lover or dream bae a sex playlist, letting them know exactly what, where, how and when you want to be made love to. They will go crazy over how direct, bold and daring you are, Sag. This is the type of 2020 energy we all need!! And with Mars in your sign til early February, you are the prime leader when it comes to how we should shoot our shot. People will watch you, fantasize about you, and yearn over you in awe, lust and wonder all month long. Just don’t go leading people on or making them think they have a chance with you if they don’t.

Aquarius Season brings to life a more airy energy within you, as it activates your sector of communication and connection. If you’ve been tied to the hips with a sexual or romantic partner, you’ll suddenly be craving more space to breathe. They may at first take it personally, but as long as you express that it’s in your best interest to reconnect with yourself in order to be the most present and generous sexual partner, they’ll soon catch your flow and match your energy. Those who take your desire for space personally may not be ready for your 2020 energy. Because you’re not bending over backwards for anyone, or any reason, Sag.

Jupiter in your sign in 2019 made you a bit too open, too naive, too forgiving, and too accepting. Jupiter in Capricorn this year is about helping you only say yes to those whose intentions are pure and aligned with your desired sexual reality. Fine-tune your frequencies to weed out those who waste your time, and give more of your attention and sexual energy to those who can match your energy and momentum. Bye bye one-minute humans or unsatisfying one-night stands. Hello to long-term bliss and consistent sex adventures 2020.