Sagittarius April

You, Sag, are about to be in for the ride of your life. April 2020’s playing absolutely no games with you, my friend. With your ruler Jupiter settled in Capricorn and activating your sector of security, you actually are tired of the games — believe it or not, you’re seeking more stability in your sex and love life. Well, that’s at least what you may be feeling up until April 3rd, when Venus,the Planet of Love switches out of the grounded sign of Taurus, where it feels quite at home, and enters the airy and unpredictable sign of Gemini, where it will remain for an extended stay. Gemini is your opposite sign of the zodiac, and it activates your sector of partnerships and relationships.

Just when you thought everything was under control and your wild days (and thoughts) were behind you, Venus in Gemini comes through and throws everyone and everything for a loop.Let’s also add in the fact that Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, along with Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, will both be in Aquarius this month, activating your sector of communication.It may be time for you to admit to your past, current, or future lovers that some of the more traditional sexual situations or fantasies they may have been throwing your way are simply boring you to tears. You need stimulation on an exponential level. You need the type of orgasms that the neighbors can hear.

This month, more than ever, you simply can’t deal with the same old same old — sorry, not sorry. So make sure that you find creative ways to express your truth. You don’t have to be so direct that people find you to be insensitive, but you definitely should suggest new ways of enhancing your sexual experiences, perhaps in a visual or oral way. Playhouse — even if it has to be virtual. Dress up in some of your sexiest costumes, or wear your birthday suit. Let them know who’s boss as you watch them stare at you and every curve of your body in awe, admiration, and profound desire. Weed out those who only talk the talk from those who actually follow through with action, this month, Sag. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, entering the fire sign of Aries on the 11th, you won’t be as lost in the sauce when it comes to fully understanding your own intentions as you may have been when Mercury was in Pisces. Aries energy helps you come alive and express what you want with confidence and boldness. Sexts and romantic exchanges become bolder and more daring at this time, allowing you to get what you want without having to read between the lines or deal with people’s super emotional asses. YASSSS. The life you’ve been waiting for.

The past few months have been rough for you Sag, with so many planets in Earth and Water signs, almost suffocating you from just living in the now. Now the Sun and Mercury in Aries will activate your sector of fate, true love and adventure, so your chances of either meeting someone new who tremendously turns you on, or being someone new who tremendously turns on others, will increase dramatically. You may go from thinking no one’s into you, to realizing just how many people are. What will you do with all this attention? Really take time to think about it during the first three weeks of April when the Sun’s in Aries. It doesn’t have to be a super serious decision. If you’re in the mood to flirt, connect with people online, and allow yourself to be entertained by them without any strings attached, by all means, do so. Send each other hot photos. Hook up on the phone or watch porn at the same time and imaging yourself f*cking. Just be honest with whomever you’re with about what your true intentions are — honesty and transparency will be your secret weapons and will help ensure your sexual and romantic satisfaction, Sag baby.

If you’re boo’d up and in a committed relationship, Taurus Season may be the most sensual and romantic period of April for you, where you’re less swept up by distractions and more grounded with your lover, finding sensual ways to give and receive pleasure. The Taurus New Moon on the 22nd in particular may be one of the most intimate periods of the month for you, and once Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, begins its five-month retrograde in Capricorn on the 25th, your sector of intimacy and abundance is activated and helps you see the light when it comes to past romantic deceptions or double standards you may have been in denial of. These next five months, you’ll have to face your own sexual and romantic karma, as well as that of others. It’s nothing to fear, Sag. You’ll just have to admit when you weren’t always as upfront about who you were romantically or what you wanted sexually. Start viewing these types of conversations with your past, current or potential partners as a stepping stone to the type of sexual ecstasy you’ll consistently experience once there’s no more trust issues or resentments between you. That’s a whole new level of sexual awakening that you’re about to jump into. Splash, splash.