Sagittarius August

This month is all about getting used to the new and improved you that you’ve stepped into ever since the Sagittarius Eclipse took place two months ago. Sometimes eclipses take a full month or two before you understand their potency, so for you Sag you may find that it’s this month that you realize to what point you’ve been activated by this transit. You’re feeling more confident, sexy, daring, and adventurous in and out of the bedroom this month, particularly since Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, is in your fellow fire sign of Aries until January 2021, activating your sector of fate, true love and adventure. Of all the signs, you’re poised to have one of the best sex lives for the rest of the year! 

You can have everything you want, but that can definitely feel overwhelming sometimes, so use the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon on the 7th to be honest about which partners, lovers, friends-with-benefits, situationships, crushes, or grudges should stay, and which ones must be released with loving detachment. If the sex is only so-so, why are you having it? What would happen if you made room for incredibly knee-shaking sex to manifest in your life instead? It’s retrograde season, making this an ideal time to take a step back and reflect on this.

At the same time, Mars, the Planet of Sex and Action, is direct in your fellow Fire-sign of Aries this month, encouraging you to not let your desire for self-improvement lead to you pushing away connections that are just meant for the now moment. If you’re single in particular, you may find that once Uranus goes retrograde on the 15th you’re drawn to previous sexual connections you had that you may have ghosted or put on hold. You may not be in the mood for anything radically new, but you do want to switch things up and reconnect with people, just for the sake of feeling loved on. The key is to be clear that these are your intentions, Sag. Make sure you’re letting your friends with benefits know that that’s all you want from them, because since your ruler Jupiter is retrograde in your security sector, a part of you may subconsciously be out here seducing people and then later leaving them on read. Karma is real and Jupiter retrograde wants you to get your sexual karma on track so you can continue to manifest a more pure and deeply fulfilling sex and love life. 

The Leo New Moon on the 18th is the perfect opportunity for you to do that, Sag. You’ll be brimming with sex appeal, you may even decide to give yourself a makeover or to say yes to a social outing that leads to you connecting in a fate-like way with someone who stops you in your tracks and leaves you breathless. With Mercury and the Sun in Leo activating your sector of expansion, this person may be from a foreign background or culture than you are, so even the conversations, dates, kisses, make-outs, and sex if you choose to partake will feel different and otherworldly, providing you with the variety and diversity of romantic and sexual energy you’ve been deeply craving. 

If you’re already in a relationship, this Leo New Moon is the most ideal for shaking up your sex life and being more innovative, bold, daring and adventurous together. You may decide to integrate role play with this Leo New Moon, and fulfill each other’s fetishes or secret sexual longings. The weirder and more honest you can be with each other, the better… By the time Virgo Season comes around on the 22nd, you’ll feel more secure in your sex life, Sag, and this will help you go directly after what’s meant for you instead of waiting around for it to land in your lap. You’re the captain now…