Sagittarius December

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, leaves your sign on December 2nd. You should celebrate this 13-month journey through your sign by connecting with someone who can make you feel alive. It can be a lover, a friend you want to be a lover, or someone new who has the potential of igniting love out of you. Once Jupiter shifts into Capricorn, your sector of security and abundance is activated, which means that you’ll be in less of a mood to keep things casual in love and connections, even if you aren’t yet ready to fully admit that.

This Sag Season, you’ll be in the mood to attract someone who really sees you, gets you, and knows how to make you cum like no other. If you already have that person in your life, you’ll find yourself less afraid to commit to the union during Jupiter in Capricorn, and that will feel extra refreshing. The more you dive deep into what you feel, the more orgasmic your sex life becomes. Your sensitivity is your superpower this week, and it has the power to make people cum for you.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into your sign on December 9, adding oomph and pizzazz to your flirting and loving style and helping you express some of your freakiest sexual desires using humor, sexting, spanking, and direct demonstration as ways to fulfill your sexual urges. This transit increases your ability to attract romantic attention from people, but is it from the right people?

Be careful that you aren’t leading people on just because it’s fun… You may not be doing so intentionally, but if someone thinks you’re ready to take things to the next level but you’re still in the mood to play the field, use Mercury in your sign to let them know the truth — it’ll help you purify your relationships and the type of sexual connections you maintain. Have fun during Sag Season and manifest bomb birthday sex as much as you’d like. Just don’t be out here breaking hearts sexy shawty. For sexy song inspo as you figure out your contrasting feelings this month, blast “Never Be” by fellow Sagittarius Courtnie, and escape into an erotic wonderland.

Mid-month, a connection between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus activates your sector of security and health, and you may have a wake-up call about the way your body feels when you merge with someone (or several people). It’s a good time for a health check-up, or to ask your partner(s) to have one too. There’s no reason to freak out though — Jupiter in Capricorn is asking you to be more responsible and find ways to make the more practical aspects of sex fun and exciting.

Celebrate getting tested by having wild (and safe) car sex after coming out of the clinic. Buy yourself a new sex toy (or several) as your birthday gift to yourself. Watch or film erotic films with someone you trust and feel uninhibited with. This Jupiter-Uranus connection makes the midpoint of the month particularly thrilling and invigorating, because it’s full of possibilities to expand your sexual world and increase your overall satisfaction.

Once Capricorn Season begins the 21st, you’ll notice that your love life and sexual desires start to stabilize. Your security sector is activated by the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all being in Capricorn, and you’ll realize that there were times during Jupiter in Sag you may have used talking to multiple people or having a sexual rotation as a way to distract yourself from the idea of monogamy or long-term commitment.

Even if you already were boo’d up, a part of you may have felt restless sexually and emotionally during in Sag, or unsure of which path to choose. The Capricorn stellium at the end of the month, and especially the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 26th, will help you have a vulnerable conversation (and most many cathartic self-pleasuring sessions) with self that help you work on not fearing the depth that love, sex, and intimacy can bring you this month, and in the coming year.