Sagittarius December

Sag, your birthday season keeps going strong this December 2020, and there are so many power planets in your sign that you won’t even know what to do with all the attention you’re receiving. I have one word for you: indulge! Scorpio Season had you in more of a hermit mode, and even though the sexual energy was hella strong, you mostly internalized it. While Venus remains in Scorpio for the first two weeks of the month, Mercury is in your sign, and that means you’re coming alive and no longer putting off the type of sexual bliss that you know you deserve. If there’s someone you’ve been craving to connect with, but you had previously brushed off, use your Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th (and the 10 days that follow), to shoot your shot and let them know they’re on your mind (and that you wouldn’t mind having them be on all parts of you too, if they’re down). Chances are, they’ll be shook that you reached back out, and even if they tried to cancel or ghost you, they’ll be open to reconnecting with you because that’s just how alluring and magnetic you are. But know that karma is real, Sag, so don’t go playing with their mind, or body, just because you’re aware of the power you possess. Use your sexual gifts and charming nature quite wisely…

Starting the 15th, Chiron ends its retrograde in Aries, and Venus switches in your sign, just one day after your annual Solar Eclipse. With this type of potent manifestation energy, you could have been dreaming of an ideal sexual scenario one night, and the next day you may be propositioned to try it. That’s how quickly the Universe will want to give you what you’ve been asking for, Sag, and at first it’ll feel a bit scary, but the more you accept your magnetism, the more fun your sexual experiences this month can become. This is the month where you should be candid with your current partner(s) and fully reveal your freaky side, without fear of judgment. Eclipse season tends to change up the collective consciousness, so even if you assumed someone wouldn’t be open to the type of love-making you’d like to have, you may be surprised to see that they’ve actually been waiting for the right moment to proposition you to try something new.

Novelty and stepping out of ones’ comfort zone are highly recommended this December ’20, whether that means inviting a new person to indulge with you all in person (or virtually), or being that new person by role-playing and fulfilling each other’s naughty fantasies — explore, explore, explore. Once Saturn and Jupiter shift out of Capricorn and enter Aquarius on the 17th and 19th, your communication sector will feel at home, and since Aquarius is the most unconventional sign of the zodiac, your sex life and kinks will also be unconventional, and you’ll only want to merge with someone who’s down to explore and do things they’ve never tried before. Just know that not everyone is transforming as radically as you are, Sag, because you’re undergoing a series of eclipses in your sign these next few years. So if some connections don’t stand the test, you’ll have to let them go peacefully to make room for the sexual fireworks that await by year’s end. Everything that’s coming is better than what once came — you’ll be a living testament of that truth this month, Sag. So prepare for what you’ve asked for. You’ll receive it, or better, and it’ll leave you screaming, sweating, and even potentially crying out of pleasure and joy.