Sagittarius December

It’s your birthday season for the first three weeks of the month, Sag. So get ready to be the life of the party, and the object of many people’s affection. But remember, quality over quantity is the name of the game. It’s important for you to start off the month with great clarity in regards to what you want from your sex life, because the options are infinite and it can easily get overwhelming. Not only is the Sun in your sign, but Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance also spends its first full month in Sagittarius too. It may feel like you have a magic genie who’s here to grant your sexual, emotional and financial desires. If you’re single, you’ll notice yourself feeling more confident and in love with yourself. This will translate to you taking better care of your physical body, indulging in sexual pleasure on your own by masturbating, mirror gazing, bathing, swimming naked in the ocean, etc… Your self-love will generate more love all around this month, and you’ll feel very much in your element.

Mercury ends its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on the 6th, and that’s really when the party will begin. Mercury had been retrograde in Sagittarius for the past few weeks of November, and this was making you a bit more wishy-washy and inconsistent as a sexual partner. If you were single, you may have also had second guesses about people you were dating and hooking up with. You may not have been sure that they had the substance that you were craving, and it may be possible that they had judged you by your cover and not realized how much you’re attracted to people intellectually, and not solely physically. If you were in a committed relationship during Mercury Retrograde, you may have had your share of misunderstandings, and that may have put a damper on your sex drive. Any feelings of sexual frustration may have caused a rift between you and your sex partners, and while you’re not one to hold a grudge, you may have indulged in mind games just for the sake of it. This only served to leave you even more sexually frustrated.

Fortunately, you’ll start to feel disagreements easing up around your annual New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7th. From the 7th to the 17th, you’ll be emerging from your cocoon, and letting your wings light up the sky. These days are likely to be your most exciting, full of potential for unforgettable sexual relations with someone who makes you laugh and sees you as you are. While as a Sag you tend to get a reputation for running away from commitment, in reality you just want to make sure you’re not settling. This New Moon in your sign will help you merge with people who compliment you sexually, romantically and intellectually. For Archers who previously being reckless sexually and romantically, you may be inspired to be more intentional and selective in your sex life this month. It’s time to set clear boundaries with people who may not realize your standards. If they’re hitting you up for a late-night booty call and you’re just not that into it, use the bold and direct energy of the Sun in Sagittarius to let them know what’s up. You’re a brand new you and you should be treated accordingly.

By December 21, the Sun will leave your sign and enter Capricorn, lighting up your security sector for the next four weeks. This takes place one day before the Cancer Full Moon, which activates your meeting and intimacy sector. You’ll be seeking sexual relations with people who make you feel safe and at ease. Weirdly enough, as the month comes to an end you’ll be in the mood to ground yourself, put down your party hat, and be intimately connected with people who want you for more than just your body. As vulnerable as all of this may make you feel, it’s important to let this be known to whomever you’re romantically or sexually involved with. If they can’t give you what you need, you may part ways so that you can energetically make room for the type of sexual partner(s) you’re truly desiring. But chances are that you’ll end the month feeling satisfied sexually because you were more transparent and honest about what fulfills you sexually. Jupiter is on your side as the year comes to an end, and the Planet of Luck will continue to boost your sex life throughout December 2019, so get used to getting what you want, sexually and in life in general. You’re on fire, Sag, and everyone’s in awe of you.