Sagittarius February

Sag, this month you’ll be in the mood to go after what you want, while also knowing that what you want wants you. Venus, the Planet of Love, enters the fiery sign of Aries on the 7th, and mid-month Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts out of your sign and enters Capricorn. The first two weeks of the month, with Mars still in your sign, you’ll notice yourself receiving a larger amount of attention from people. You’re actually going to be the one who gives yourself the most attention first and foremost, and it will feel so refreshing that you may not even notice all the admirers craving you, hyping you up, and seeking to make love to you. Self-pleasure is a key to preparing yourself for the love you’ll receive this month. Touch yourself often, in the shower, in bed, in the ocean, etc… Get familiar with how you turn yourself on.

Once Venus enters Aries on the 7th, and the Leo Full Moon takes place on the 9th, your sex drive will be through the roof with so many planets in fire signs. You may find that your phone is blowing up and people keep sliding into your DMs, literally letting you know how fire you are. Indulge in the attention you’re getting Sag, and take your time as you choose who you want to engage with. Already boo’d up? Venus in Aries is perfect for being more direct in the bedroom and taking charge in a warrior-like way. Be rougher (with consent), and play dominant role-play games in bed together — it will be an immediate turn-on for you and will help you playfully reveal some of the more hidden sexual desires that may have been in your subconscious. Venus in Aries energy allows you to be the lover that makes everyone’s fantasies come true. Your sector of adventure, fate and true love is activated with this Aries energy, so even if you previously feared commitment, once Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th, you’ll find yourself thinking of one specific person non-stop, and it may even get to the point of you feeling obsessive about them. But your hella chill demeanor may leave them wondering if you’re even into them at all. Use the energy of Mercury in Pisces to send them sexts that clarify your desires for them, and get ready to receive some pretty lengthy and eye-opening ones in return.

Mid-month you may want to take a little break from work and focus more on play and pleasure. But Mars being in Capricorn may lead to you having a push and pull between putting yourself out there with your partner(s) or crushes, or just laying low and doing your thing, while letting those who are into you make it clear that they’re into you. Find a balance — use Mars in Capricorn to strategize your game plan with bae or with your crush. Show them how there’s more to you than just flirting or talking about sex. Even if sex is on your mind the entire time, it’ll feel fun to explore your more practical side and get to know your partner more profoundly without focusing on seducing them or being seduced.

But then, once you start to find yourself drifting into more personal territory, allow yourself and the person you’re into to know the other parts of what’s on your mind. Ask them to open up to you too, and show them that you’re interested. Conversation will be an immense turn on for you this month, particularly during Mercury retrograde during the second half of the month. Being able to know what your partner or crush wants from a lover, and what their love language is will deepen your connection and will also help them feel more safe and secure with you. Mars in Capricorn is teaching you to not run away from what feels right, and even if the slower and more subdued energy of Mercury being retrograde in Pisces makes you impatient (particularly if you haven’t had sex that consistently since the year began, or even since last decade *gasp*), you’ll end up feeling turned on by the more sensual, whimsical energy of Mercury retrograde in Pisces.

The Pisces New Moon activates your domestic sector, and you may feel ready to invite your crush or partner to your place for a sleepover that could eventually morph into you two moving in with each other within the next six months. If you’re already living together, pay attention to the aura of your bedroom and the main areas where you make love. Take time around the New Moon to spruce up and add even greater sex appeal to your environment. Perhaps add light dimmers or lights that create a spacey effect to the room. Clear the energy from under the bed so that it can attract raw, powerfully intoxicating sexual vibes into that space. And give each other long, deep and oily massages that encourage you to slide into each other and further the depths of your connections by making sure there’s barely any space between your body and its undeniable needs. This is your month to peel back the layers and show your lover(s) who you really are, and just how far sex together can go. Just one lovemaking session with you will be enough to ensure that everyone’s transformed, forevermore.