Sagittarius June

This month is all about you and your expansion, Sagittarius. A brilliant Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your sign occurs on June 5th, and you may finally realize why everything in your life seems to have been drastically shifting these past six months, including your relationship with yourself and others. You’ve been breaking out of your comfort zone, even more than usual, and daring to experiment with the world and the connections within it. This is about to translate to your sex life this month, so get ready for an exciting month full of expansive possibilities and opportunities for pleasure. This is only if you’re up for it, though.

Since Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently retrograde in Capricorn, and activating your sector of security, wealth, and self-esteem, there may be a part of you that’d rather experience sexual healing through more personal methods rather than trying to feel sexual satisfaction through merging with someone else. But the eclipse in your sign on the 5th will show you that it doesn’t have to be one or the other — you can heal on a personal level and still manifest bomb sex, thrilling conversations and unforgettable connections with people who make you feel and come alive.

Whatever happens around this eclipse, know that it will radically alter you as a lover, human and friend. Some Sagges may erupt with anger at the state of the world, and while that won’t erase feelings of occasional horniness, you’ll find that you’ll only be turned on by people who are equally as passionate as you when it comes to social injustice. Other Sagges will withdraw within themselves because they’re exhausted from being the one always speaking up. If that’s the case, you’ll find yourself most attracted to people who can see who you are behind your sunny and revolutionary facade. There are times when you just want to be held, cuddled, kissed, and loved on, even in the midst of chaos — or especially so. Other Sagges will find that Gemini Season, retrograde season, and the eclipse in their sign leads to them wanting to revolutionize all aspects of their relationships.

Since Venus, the Planet of Love, is retrograde in Gemini, you’ll find yourself feeling a bit contradictory this month, Sag. A part of you may find that you deeply long for your current or potential lover(s) to spend time with you, in and out of the bedroom, much more consistently. Since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in Cancer, you’ll be feeling more sensitive and mushy-gushy than you usually ever want to feel, and this can make you act out in weird ways. You may find yourself pushing away sex with someone that you usually have casually, because all of a sudden you’re noticing your feelings deepening for them in ways that make you uncomfortable.

This month’s eclipse in your sign is here to help you face these more vulnerable aspects of sex and intimacy. You can’t separate the two because sex is inherently spiritual, even if you take it lightly. You’ll have an awakening this month, especially when you find yourself vacillating between pushing love and sex away, and then deeply craving it, dreaming of it, and feeling in complete without it. Keep in mind that Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer on the 17th for three weeks, activating your sector of merging and intimacy. Just when you thought your sexual fantasies couldn’t get any more intense, they’ll now be connected to someone from your past that you thought you had gotten over. Sex or sexting with an ex is more likely than ever with both Venus and Mercury retrograde during key parts of the month.

Cancer Season and the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse will be here to help balance your sexual and spiritual energies starting June 20th, and Cancer Season will make everything in your life seem more surreal and magical. The more cynical side of you that may not view yourself as worthy of long-term relationships and consistently orgasmic sex with someone that’s been on your mind may all of a sudden take time to question where these limiting beliefs are coming from. Are you self-sabotaging, Sag? Catch yourself before you wreck yourself, and your chances with the lover(s) of your dream — especially if you’re already with them. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want or what you’re afraid to lose, end the month indulging in what could be possible for you, your relationships, and your sex life if you gave into your feels and revealed that sex isn’t really about hitting it and quitting it for you, contrary to popular belief. By month’s end, you’ll realize that it’s time to release the hard-to-get act you tend to hide behind, and dive into the wetness and passionate waves of intensity that this eclipse will manifest in your life. Swim, stroke and secure your way to sexual ecstasy, while inviting the one(s) you’re into to ride and play with you, in awe.