Sagittarius May

Sag, this month may feel a bit more challenging than you’re used to at first, and this is because there are hardly any Fire energies in the cosmos right now, so you’re being forced to immerse yourself in the intense waters of the Scorpio Full Moon, and the grounded Earth of Taurus Season. The best thing you can do is slow down, like Taurus Season is trying to teach you, and open yourself up to the love you’re about to feel with this Scorpio-Taurus energy dominating the first half of the month. Take sex slow, take flirting slow, take the pursuit of pleasure slow.

Your sector of spirituality and healing is activated by the Full Moon, which means you’re ready to penetrate the depths of what you actually want in your sex life. You’re no longer running away from that question. You’re curious, and you may even be in the mood to completely transform your love life based on what your new values are. Scorpio energy is Phoenix energy, all about rebirth and regeneration. So if one or more of your connections would benefit from a spiritual, physical and emotional upgrade, this is the time to discuss the evolution you’d like to experience. Make sure to co-create it though, because you’re such an idealistic lover that at times you take the lead without checking in to seeing if your partner is on board. This is one of those Full Moons where everyone will feel more sensitive and vulnerable than usual, but many people may attempt to hide or mask it. It’s up to you to be present enough to know what’s what.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Pisces mid-month, around the same time as the start of retrograde season. Pisces energy activates your roots and the past, so a part of you may feel much more ready to just bond with one single person during Mars in Pisces. Someone who feels so safe. Yikes. A part of you may fear safety because you equate it with boredom. But with Jupiter, your ruling planet, currently retrograde in the grounded and practical Earth sign of Capricorn for several months, part of your lesson as a lover is to not fear what’s familiar, if what’s consistently familiar feels good.

You can lean into the warmth of having someone you can count on in your life, and if you’ve previously pushed them away, Mars in Pisces may be one of the seasons where you’re able to humble yourself enough to ask for forgiveness, or recognize the errors of your ways. We’re in the same boat, and people will feel more attracted to you once you’re able to admit that with your usual sense of humor and light-hearted spirit.

Life’s not to be taken too seriously this month, Sag, particularly during the second half of the month. While retrograde season may make the cosmic backdrop more somber at times, the fact that Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, is in Gemini means that your imagination will be filled of various sexual fantasies and opportunities to merge with people just because you both feel like it. This can be a virtual type of connection via online dating apps — Gemini Season and the Gemini New Moon in particular may lead to you making a serendipitous connection with someone online, and they may end up being such a great match that it low-key freaks you out. You’ve been out here telling the Universe and yourself what you really want, Sag. So there’s no need to be that surprised when you’re out here manifesting what you want.

The truth is, you thrive even when there’s not that much Fire sign energy in the cosmos, and people are more drawn to you because you are the warmth and light of sunshine that they seek. However, you shouldn’t be everyone’s fallback person this month, particularly if you’re in a situationship or you’re dating multiple people. Make sure you feel like you’re being prioritized in the way that you seek. If you want to keep things casual and maintain a friends with benefits type situation, then don’t lead people on and make them think you’re falling in love. This month you’re learning how to be more transparent with what you feel and need, and that’s going to be extra sexy to people who are into you. The more transparent you are, the more they’ll want you, even if the truth hurts.

One thing that Gemini Season may lead to is making you want what you feel like you can’t have. And it’s true that you can’t have it, because we aren’t the owners of anything or anyone. We co-create the Universe. Keep that in mind during the final 10 days of the month, and particularly during the Gemini New Moon on the 22nd which will have you wishing Cupid could strike their arrow at your latest crush, or, if you’re already boo’d up, you’ll be ready to go on a sexual adventure in different parts of your home, or through virtual sexscapades that leaves you both breathless and in awe of the powers of your bodies and your imagination. Foreplay is about to get so much more interesting this Gemini season, as your sector of marriage and partnership is activated and you fall in love with people’s minds first above all else. Get ready for them to consistently come to and with you to experience sexual healing and spontaneous bliss.