Sagittarius November

Sex this month will be wildly explosive if you want it to be — the stars are on your side. First, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion and Abundance, spends its last full month in your zodiac sign. Once it leaves Sag on Dec 2, 2019, it won’t return again for another 12 years. No pressure though, my love. You’ve already been on quite the expansion journey literally, physically, sexually, spiritually and financially this year, so you won’t necessarily be feeling the need to play catch up this month, particularly since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be retrograde in your spirituality and healing sector for most of the month. If anything, you’ll be seeking to slow down and connect with your lover(s) more intimately during Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter’s final stretch in Sagittarius.

November’s about sharpening and trusting your instincts, Sag, including the sexual ones. You know exactly what you’re doing, even if it sometimes feels like you’re off in your own world without a care in the world. You know who you are and what you want, even if it changes from moment to moment. You have the right to change, Sag. You know this, so own it this season — especially since Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, is in your sign until November 25th.

With Venus now in your sign, you come alive in ways that were previously foreign to you most of 2019. If you’ve been in a haze or fog, Venus in Sagittarius will awaken you to just how dope and magnetic you are. Since Venus will be in Sag around the same time that Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio, don’t be surprised if you end up connecting with someone from your past. Either you will have manifested them into existence because you thought of them so damn much (ahaha little do they know how much Sagges can have an obsessive streak too even though you come off so nonchalant and oh so chill), or they’ll pop back up because you’ve been a non-stop visitor in their minds and their dreams.

Don’t freak out if you end up manifesting someone, or multiple people, that have been on your mind for a while now. Even those you’ve tried to get off your mind are likely to resurface, or you may feel the urge to reach out to them. I know we often are advised to not connect with an ex during the retrograde, but it’s not always that simple, and Venus in your sign is showing you that there are nuances to love, and sometimes people come back around and are more aligned with our vibration than they were before. This may especially be the case due to the Sun being in Scorpio until the 22nd, and Mercury and Mars being in Scorpio this month as well. Your subconscious urges are making themselves seen as you deepen your understanding of what sex means to you.

Mercury Retrograde may sometimes make it challenging for you to verbally express what you’re going through, so let your body, eye contact, and aura do the talking for you this month, Sag. It’s something that will happen naturally once the Sun shifts into your sign on the 22nd, and your birthday season officially begins! Birthday sex possibilities may be all around you, tempting you and thrilling you — but Mercury Retrograde will be making you more reflective and selective.

Who really deserves access to your sizzling energy? Have you been giving yourself enough of your own attention, or have you been seeking to fill a sexual or emotional void through sliding into DMs or swiping right? While there’s nothing wrong with human connection, Sag Season highlights the importance of nurturing your own needs, consistently. Set intentions for your new year of life and the type of sexual being you seek to be. With Jupiter spending its final weeks in your sign, your birthday wishes have 10x the chances of coming true. You’re the universal favorite this season — act accordingly.

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, ends its its five-month retrograde in the sign of Pisces on November 27th, and this activates your sector of roots and domesticity. You’ll end the month seeking a profoundly intimate connection with someone with whom you can bare your soul. It may have taken you all month long to admit this, and if you already are in a committed relationship that’s fulfilling, Neptune being direct will help you find ways to express your sexual desires in profoundly stimulating, erotic and dream-like ways.

Sex will feel like a trance with the right person, and that’s what your Solar Return energy is about — vibing with the right person, and realizing that it all starts by being the person you’re looking for. So yes, Sag, you can have your cake, eat it too, have someone lick the frosting off your nipples while slapping your ass. It’s your birthday season babyyy. Live it up. Dream it up. F*ck it up.