Sagittarius November

It’s essential for you to trust that you can experience profound sexual and emotional bliss, Sag. You don’t have to choose between the two. You can have them both, and not run away from them either. This November, the Scorpio Sun activates your spirituality sector until November 21st, so some of the most intense sex you have may be in your dreams and fantasies at first. Once Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts direct in Aries on the 13th, you’ll start to feel ready to take bold action sexually — your sector of fate, true love and adventure will be activated and your sexual eroticism will increase. You’ll be focused on having bomb sex right now, without focusing too much on what it means for your future. When you’re not too deeply immersed in your thoughts, the sex you have with another person can feel avatar-like — it will transport you to new worlds.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 15th activates a six-month chapter in your sex life, one where you understand how the spiritual and physical aspects of sex converge. The 10 days after the Scorpio New Moon are ideal for getting clear about your own unhealthy habits as a lover or sexual partner. Are you as transparent and honest about your relationships and connections as you could be? Doesn’t matter if you’re single or coupled — taking the time to check in with yourself about your own values as a partner is a necessary part of cultivating healthy sexual karma and synergy between you and current, past, or potential lovers. The Scorpio New Moon invites you to engage in self-reflection first, and then use the 10 days after the New Moon to let people you’re currently romantically involved with know what’s up. They’ll appreciate your honesty, and if anything, it will only serve to deepen the bonds between you and heat up your sex life significantly.

On the 21st, your birthday season begins, and you become the cosmic favorite. Everyone will have their eyes on you, and you’ll be feeling incredibly sexy and sensual, largely due to Venus shifting into Scorpio on the same day, and Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, being direct in your fellow Fire sign of Aries. Sagittarius, you’re being gifted a fresh start emotionally, spiritually, physically and sexually this season. It’s especially the case because it’s eclipse season. On the 30th, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini activates your partnership sector, and a sexual relationship that has run its course may end around this time. It’s also just as likely to unexpectedly meet one of your soulmates, or for a current or past lover to reveal just how much they desire you, crave you, or are mad at you. Whether you’re ending the month having the best birthday sex of your life, or dramatic make-up or break-up sex, you’ll be feeling hotter than ever and your levels of ferocity in the bedroom will blow everyone away. Let all the fireworks burst!!