Sagittarius October

As we approach Sag Season, you’re starting to become increasingly aware of what’s meant for you and what you’ve outgrown. This is especially true in terms of your social and sex life. October is, therefore, the month of weeding out the non-essentials and becoming more intentional about the type of energy you around within and around you. Libra Season tends to highlight your social, charming, outgoing and adventurous side, and you’ll be tapping into that energy during the first three weeks of October. Set intentions around how you can make sure to attract and sustain relationships where people take time to get to know you spiritually, and not just physically.

During Jupiter’s stay in your sign these past 10 months, you’ve been attracting more attention than ever — almost overwhelmingly so. Even if you thought no one was interested in you during Jupiter Retrograde (April – August 2019), once Jupiter went direct on the 11th of August you may have noticed people coming from out of the woodwork and shooting their shot. While you don’t necessarily mind the attention, you may be craving more depth. Superficial or shallow connections bore you after a while, even if there’s a social misconception that those are the type of connections you prefer. This is a powerful month to stop sexually entertaining partners who don’t take you seriously, or who are playing mind games with you. It doesn’t matter if the sex is bomb — if the communication or connection is off, you won’t be fully in it.

You’ll feel great around the Aries Full Moon on the 13th, as your sector of fate and true love is activated, helping you see the light regarding one or more romantic relationships that have permeated your consciousness for much of the year. You’re someone who loves when people keep it real, so ask for what you want directly. Clarify your intentions around this Full Moon. People may at first be nervous or intimidated to engage in a conversation with you, but they’ll soon be very turned on by your straightforwardness, and they’ll view it as an invitation to open up too. Opening up. That’s a major theme for you this month. Spread your legs. Let them come in. The right one(s). Let yourself fill others and feel filled with the vibes that make you moan, groan, and scream, yearning more. More of what feels ecstatically, blissfully yours.

If a relationship ends around the Full Moon, know that life and love is cyclical. Death and rebirth is all there is. With Jupiter in its final degrees of your sign, a new beginning is right around the corner — one that prioritizes you having several emotional and sexual awakenings. It’s also a possibility that a relationship will ascend to a new level around the Aries Full Moon. You may decide to take the leap and try something new romantically and sexually, such as spontaneously having a threesome, eloping, or deciding to move in together. Whatever happens, passion will be at the core of it, and the passion in your life will be quite visible (and audible) in the bedroom. Enjoy every moment of the movie that is your life.

Single Sagges should enjoy taking their selves out on dates, especially during Scorpio Season, which begins October 23. Your sector of spirituality and healing is activated when the Sun’s in Scorpio, allowing you to come down from the high of Libra Season and get in touch with your inner god/goddess. Tune into your sensuality. Tap into your mysticism. You tend to be more introverted during Scorpio Season, and this makes others more drawn to you and your more elusive nature.

Secret admirers may come out of the woodwork as the month comes to an end, and people from your past may pop up and declare their feelings for you, especially as we approach Mercury Retrograde October 31st. You’ll end the month in awe and wonder at the wildness of your love life. And know that once your birthday season starts next month, it’s going to get even wilder. Start stretching your body and stay hydrated because the marathon continues, and you won’t want to tap out.