Sagittarius October

Welcome to October, Sagittarius. We’re getting increasingly closer to your birthday season beginning next month, so for you October is otherwise known as pre-Sag Season! But before the turn-up begins, you have to navigate the airy vibes of Libra Season and the sultry vibes of Scorpio Season, and make it out unscathed sexually speaking! Both of these energies have a lot to teach you when it comes to revealing your ever-changing sexual nature to the right people. From October 1 – 22, the Sun in Libra will activate your social network and friendship sector, so if you’re single or mingling, you may find yourself hitting it off with someone that you previously only viewed as a friend. It’s also possible that someone in your friendship group will introduce you to someone they know, and you’ll sense immediate chemistry between you two. Watch out though, because Venus, the Planet of Love, will be retrograde in Scorpio starting on October 5, and this can lead to major misunderstandings or miscommunication when it comes to romantic and sexual interactions. Make sure that both you and the friend are on the same page in regards to if you’re friends, friends-with-benefits, or more than friends. Crossed wires and mixed signals are always a possibility during Venus Retrograde, and you’ll want to avoid leading someone on, playing hard to get, or thinking they’re dropping hints when they’re not.

Venus Retrograde will activate your sector of healing and spirituality, Sagittarius. So even though the carefree vibes of Libra Season will encourage you to be a social butterfly, say yes to many social invites, and flirt shamelessly, deep down you’ll be doing some major soul-searching when it comes to your past, present and current sexual needs. People often mistake you as heartless and easily detached when it comes to love, but you do have a more sensitive and introspective side to you, Sag, and Venus in Scorpio will make that part of you more pronounced this month, particularly due to the retrograde. You’ll be thinking of your past relationships, hookups, situationships, and flings that left something to be desired. It’s important for you to analyze how you may use sex as a way to fill an emotional void, when in reality you’d be down to have a more profound connection with someone as long as they didn’t bore you or limit your freedom.

If you’re already in a relationship, don’t be surprised if you and your partner have really intense heart-to-hearts during Venus in Scorpio. The conversation topics won’t always be easy to navigate though. They may have to do with insecurities, infidelity, trust issues, the desire for greater exploration in your sexual relationship, feeling bored sexually, or just wanting “more” without necessarily knowing what “more” is. With the extreme nature of Venus in Scorpio, there will be times where your candid honesty leads to you and your partner being very riled up sexually and not getting enough of each other in bed, and there will be other times where you’re simply not in the mood to have sex and you need space from your partner. Neither mood is right nor wrong — be honest about how you’re feeling and don’t sugarcoat the truth to avoid hurt feelings. Venus Retrograde can be a woozy, but it teaches us how to be more authentic sexually and emotionally.

Fortunately, the Libra New Moon on October 8th kicks off 10 days of transformative energy in your sex life. It takes place in your network sector and allows you to think outside of your emotional bubble, and be inspired by other people’s relationships or sexual experiences. You may watch a romantic comedy that helps lighten up the mood with you and your sexual partner(s) and allows you to not take each other too seriously. This New Moon energy will also inspire you to set intentions about how you’d like your sex life to improve in the next six months. It’s important for you to not focus on projecting blame on others though — think about your own escapist tendencies and be willing to visualize what your sex life would look and feel like without such emotional hang-ups. Once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Taurus New Moon in your adventure sector on the 24th, you will feel more in control of your sex life and less confused by all the options, deep conversations, and powerful emotions. It will be a great time to focus on releasing outdated mindsets regarding how you should act sexually. Just do what feels right in the present moment, Sag.