Sagittarius September

Sag, now that your ruler Jupiter is direct in Capricorn, activating your sector of security and abundance, you’ll find that the ratio of bomb sex you have this month is also connected to the ratio of how much money you manifest. The richer you are, spiritually and financially, the more confident you become as a lover and sexual partner. Your magnetism is on an all-time high, and you yourself will be feeling high off life now that Jupiter retrograde is over, and Saturn retrograde is following suit on the 29th. Get your money right, and see the type of wild beast that’s unleashed. Do more of what you love, and watch how much sex with you becomes. Shake off the dead weight, the so-so relationships, the booty call you return to just because you’re bored. Make room for something more. Make room for more orgasms, more sweat dripping down your chin, more bouncing breasts, more deep strokes. Make room for the blend of naughty and sweet sexual experiences that you’ve been having fantasizing of. Once you decide you can have it, it’s yours.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is currently in Libra this month, and Venus, the Planet of Love, is in your fellow fire sign of Leo. When you combine this ultra flirtatious and dramatic energy with Mars’ retrograde in Aries, you’ll find that this is the month where you come alive and shoot your shot sexually and romantically. Some Sagges may have met someone at the start of the month and simply can’t get them off their mind. During the Pisces Full Moon and Jupiter’s final weeks retrograde, you probably were trying to pace yourself and tame your sexual urges as to not come off too strong — you may have been confused about what you really wanted. But now that Jupiter’s direct and Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is preparing to transit direct on the 29th, you can see the light.

This month, you’ll know that there’s no point in denying yourself sexual bliss if it’s something that’s a consensual and reciprocal desire. The one you want is seeking you, wanting you, dreaming of you, and will most likely beg you to hit them up, go on a date, and devour them sexually. Life truly can be this easy if you allow it to be. It doesn’t even have to be a one-time thing, although if that’s what you want it to be, that’s okay too. You both make the rules, and it’s quite a fun game to play, particularly once Libra Season begins on the 22nd and your sector of tech and social networks is activated. Even just sending your crush or lover a sexy selfie can lead to them showing up at your door, or gifting you with a revealing series of images (and videos), leaving both of you wanting more of each other. This is one of the most carefree and fun energies you’ve experienced this year, Sag, and there’s so much more where that’s coming from. So focus on deepening such feelings of pleasure as much you can this September. Let such sensations enter you, and remain.