sagittarius september

Welcome to September, Sagittarius. Virgo Season can feel a bit weird for your free-spirited sign, because it’s all about commitment and routine, while you love adventure and freedom. But look at the first three weeks of September as a challenge that you can take on. You can’t run away from having serious conversations with your sex partners all the time, now can you? When you finally face the truth about how your partners are feeling, you’ll realize that there was no need to run away in the first place. They just want to know what’s on your mind and how they can better please you. Virgo energy is all about service, and your partners will literally want to be of service to you this month. They’ll ask you how you’re feeling and what you’ve been fantasizing of lately. Your social status and reputation sector will be highlighted by the Virgo Moon, so you’ll care about what people think of you a bit more than you usually do (although you may not want to admit it). Virgo Season is therefore a great time to check in with past, current and prospective suitors about what your expectations are and what theirs are. It may sound boring at first, but it will provide much clarity and minimize confusion.

September 9 is a special day, with a New Moon in Virgo taking place on the same day as Venus entering Scorpio and lighting up your spirituality and healing sector. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more intense, they do. This New Moon activates your sector of merging and intimacy, so this is one of the major turning points of the year for you, because you may find yourself catching feelings for someone you swore was just going to be a one-time fling! This may take you by surprise, but admitting it to yourself is essential. The feelings are only going to get increasingly stronger due to Venus’ entrance in Scorpio, so it’s best to keep it real from the get-go. If you’re already boo’d up, expect your sex life to become hotter and steamier with Venus in Scorpio combined with this New Moon magic. You’ll make each other more of a priority, and you won’t be seeking your space and freedom as much as you may have when Venus was in Libra. This New Moon energy is helping you become more vulnerable, Sag, and sex won’t just feel like sex for most of the month — it will feel like an emotional exploration of you and your partner’s souls and psyches.

Before you freak out, know that Libra Season will begin on September 22 and considerably lighten the mood. With the Sun in Libra, your social network and technology sector is activated, allowing you to come up for air after the all-consuming vibes of Virgo Season and Venus in Scorpio. At month’s end you may find yourself taking a break from deep discussions about where things are going or what sex truly means to you, and instead engaging in more flirtatious and light-hearted discussions with people you connect with online or through friends. Libra Season is the perfect time to meet someone new if you’ve been wanting to expand your repertoire of sexual partners. Say yes to events that you’re invited to or throw your own. Your social and charming side will be stronger than ever, and you won’t have a problem attracting new people to have sex with. But beware, Sag, because the influence of Venus in Scorpio will still be alive and well, and not everyone will be down to just have casual sex. Be sure to clarify what your intentions are both before and after you get in bed with someone, or else you may end up breaking a few hearts.

The Full Moon in Aries on September 24 may bring to light some secrets that you may have withheld from your sexual partners, and you may want to clear the air to avoid any drama. Bring everything out into the open, including any infidelities or indiscretions, or perhaps any secret longings that you’ve been keeping to yourself. This Full Moon will highlight your sector of fate and true love, so once you’ve become more transparent about what your needs are, everything will work out in your favor, and you can focus on having sex without getting bogged down by your emotions or passions. Hooray!