Sagittarius March

Happy March, Sag! Ever since Jupiter entered your sign in November 2018, you’ve been feeling like the world is your oyster, and you’ve been seeking to explore and expand your horizons. So what exactly does this mean for your sex and love life this month? Anything you want it to me! With Jupiter in your sign most of 2019, you can literally have whatever you want. Yes, this may feel a bit overwhelming at times, and you may actually begin the month feeling a bit unsure of who to direct your attention towards. Whenever that’s the case, it’s a sign that you should direct it towards yourself first and foremost. Treat yourself to solo dates, whether you’re single or boo’d up. Have fun switching up your look with vintage finds (but do so in moderation because Mercury retrograde starts this month). Look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself how hot you are. At night, rub your body with your favorite moisturizer and please yourself until you cum. Commit to showering yourself with love and sexy energy all month long, and watch how the Universe will mirror it back to you in the form of relationships you attract…

Venus, the Planet of Love, spends time in Aquarius from the 1st to the 26th of the month, activating your communication sector for several weeks. You’re going to come off as emotionally detached to others, even if deep down you’re actually obsessing about someone and playing it cool… Try your best not to take playing it cool too far, or else the person you most want to merge with will end up moving on. This is particularly possible due to Mercury being retrograde from the 5th to the 28th of this month, making it harder to distinguish truth from fiction. If you’re craving sex with someone, and you also want to simply be around their energy in a platonic way, you should let them know. Playing mind games will backfire and leave you feeling deeply sexually frustrated. The same goes for if you’re currently in a relationship and you’d like to add more spark to it or switch up the way you have sex. The retrograde may have you second-guessing yourself, but if that’s the case then distance yourself from the relationship long enough to become acquainted with your inner voice. There’s no need to make life harder for yourself. Lead by example and have the sex you’ve been visualizing in your mind.

The perfect time to turn dreams into reality when it comes to sex and human connection will be during the New Moon in Pisces intention-setting period. The Pisces New Moon is one of the most sensual periods of the month (and year). It takes place on the 6th of March, and its energy will be felt throughout the 16th. It’s around this time that people may notice you becoming more sensitive, loving, charming and attractive. You’ll be feeling drawn to people who can draw out your sensitivity, and not just those who turn you on physically. As much as you’re known as a sign that runs away from deeper emotions, this Pisces energy plus Mercury Retrograde and Uranus entering your health sector for 7 years is all helping you slow your roll and understand what your feelings are trying to teach you. Pay attention to your dreams around this time, and if you’re having sex dreams, feel free to write them in a dream journal or talk about it with your lover/crush/best friend. There’s a message to be learned about the type of sexual relationships you’d like to attract this year.

Once Aries Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Libra Full Moon a few hours later, your mojo is going to be hotter than ever. You enjoy Aries Season because it symbolizes a fresh start, and you’re someone who’s literally changing every instant. Don’t be surprised if people who are into you start noticing that you’ve changed — it may not please them if part of your evolution included outgrowing them or your relationship with them. Full Moons often have to do with closure and endings, and if a situationship, long term relationship, or anything in between comes to an end around this time, don’t freak out. Chances are, you’ll revisit your decision after Mercury Retrograde ends. Plus, when you combine the impulsive and passionate energy of the Sun in Aries, with the balancing vibes of the Libra Full Moon, it’s quite likely that any arguments you have with a lover, crush, or even ex will lead to incredibly exciting sex that you’ll end up daydreaming about non-stop. You decide how the story goes, dear Archer… You might as well have fun in the process.