Sagittarius July

Welcome to July, Sag! This is the last full month that your ruler Jupiter is retrograde in your sign, so this means your sex life this month is going to be tied to your spiritual journey. You’ve been working on yourself from the inside out during Jupiter retrograde, and that may have led you to being honest with partners whom you’re not that into or no longer interested in. Even though you tend to love your freedom to explore, Jupiter retrograde has intensified a desire to love yourself fiercely without seeking sex as a way to fill an emotional void. This is a powerful new path you’re navigating, and you’ll attract cosmic soulmates this month who encourage you to keep going on this spiritually and sexually awakening journey.

Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd, one day after the monumental New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer takes place. Even though you’ve been doing the work, you’re not always going to be in the mood for lengthy talks with your lover(s) or partner(s). Sometimes you’ll just want to have sex and really be in the moment with them. You’re able to decompress and release stress that way, and Venus in Cancer may at first cause you to run away from conversations regarding intimacy and love that get too deep for your liking. But the eclipse will make you face those feelings, Sag, and realize that you had been intimidated by them for nothing. You need to hear what your partners truly feel, because that will help you best navigate and better understand their love language. And when you better understand their love language, what happens? Your bodies, minds, and souls sync, and the sex is amazing. Dare to be vulnerable this month, because what you’ll receive in return sexually and emotionally will be deeply enriching.

Watch out for Mercury retrograde taking place on the 7th, and perhaps causing you and your lover(s) to play mind games with each other when you feel jealous or insecure. You’re not typically a sign that’s associated with those qualities, because you come off as the ultimate flirt and free spirit. But you do at times get possessive of those you feel strongly tied to (you’re just able to hide it well). Mercury retrograde may cause passive aggressive tendencies to pop up, and it’s important to not deny sex or withdraw your affection during the retrograde just because you’re feeling some sort of way. It’s also essential that you allow your partner to feel a certain way without trying to idealize your relationship and make everything harmonious. Creatively find ways to enjoy sex in a refreshing way during Mercury retrograde. Perhaps pull out old tricks from years ago, or have fun playing strip poker or some other form of foreplay that reminds you and your partner(s) to just chill out and accept whatever speed bumps occasionally pop up.

Your sex life this month may be like a roller coaster. At times you’ll feel super horny, such as at the Cancer New Moon, but then two weeks later during the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you’ll end up feeling more serious and introverted, and sex may not be as much of your priority. You’ll be focused on your finances and getting that in order, and you may notice a correlation between how in the moment you are in bed, and how secure you feel financially. Take time to look at your finances and create a game plan for yourself. Once you get your money and mind right, you’ll be present and ready to go sexually, and the month will have an orgasmic ending, especially once Leo Season begins on the 22nd and the Sun returns to your Fire element, lighting you and your libido up, up, all the way up.