Sagittarius May

With Jupiter, your ruling planet, spending its first full month retrograde in your sign, get prepared for flashbacks to some of your most sexually uninhibited days, Sag (even if those that only exist in your dreams). Jupiter Retrograde is the best time to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your intuition. As a Sag, you’re known as an unstoppable force of nature. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to shoot your shot. But sometimes you get bored after getting what you want — especially romantically and sexually speaking — and you end up moving on before things have a chance to organically develop.

This Jupiter Retrograde, you’ll be focused on nipping these subconscious patterns in the bud. Be willing to merge in a more spiritual way with whomever you’re sharing sheets with. This may very well already be the case, and if you’re boo’d up or consistently seeing someone this month, you may find yourself playing games like 20 Questions, Never Have I Ever or strip poker as a form of foreplay. Getting to know your sex partner(s) more profoundly — yet also not taking each other too seriously — regardless of how long you’ve been together, is an essential part of feeling sexually ecstatic and attuned to its higher purpose.

Use the New Moon in Taurus on the 4th to be more attuned to what it takes to heighten your sexual senses. You love experimenting and you’re an action-oriented sign, so Mars’ placement in your opposite sign of Gemini during most of April and the first two weeks of May has activated your more frivolous side in bed. You may enjoy tickling your partner, making them laugh, kissing them and being kissed in unexpected places, licking and touching them in unexpected places, etc… Jupiter Retrograde, Mars in Gemini, and the Taurus New Moon will bring out your kinks and help you express them with ease.

People may at first be surprised at how direct you are about what you want and what you’re into, but they’ll soon view this as a refreshing reality and it’ll help you take off any masks in the bedroom. If you find yourself tired of romantic or sexual mind games, use the New Moon in Taurus energy from May 4th to the 14th to set clear intentions on what a healthy, vibrant, sustainable and orgasmic sexual relationship looks like. Let go of conventions or societal expectations when brainstorming, and keep things real and aligned with your current fantasies…

The second half of the month will feel more profound and imbued with sensitivity as Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts out of airy Gemini and enters watery Cancer for several weeks. You’ll find yourself intuitively knowing what your partner needs, and if you’re single, intuitively being drawn to people you can communicate with non-verbally. Someone you meet at a party and exchange eye contact with for a few seconds longer than normal could very much end up being a long-term lover by the end of the year. Say yes to connecting with people in ways that feel easeful and exciting. If you see someone and you immediately fantasize about what it’d be like to be together, use it as creative inspiration when it comes to visualizing positions that hit the spot. It’s okay if you don’t actually manifest the specific person you may have initially had in mind, because Mars in Cancer may help you manifest someone that takes you by surprise and fulfills needs you didn’t even know you had…

Jupiter Retrograde has many tricks up its sleeve, as does the Scorpio Full Moon that takes place on the 18th. This is the last full moon before your annual Sag Full Moon, so during the last 12 days of the month you’ll be in the mood to cuddle and connect with your partner(s) on a soul-bearing, profoundly intimate level. It may take you some time to admit this, but once you do, prepare to have some of the most erotic experiences ever, even if it’s via sexting or sending each other poetry. Your ability to let down your guard, stop playing it cool, and admit when you want someone in a commitment-based way will increase around the Scorpio Full Moon, so your job is to enjoy the ride and not second-guess what your body’s asking for.