Sagittarius September

It’s time to expand your perspective on what sex, love, and relationships mean to you, Sagittarius. September’s definitely the month to do so. Jupiter, your ruling planet, spends its first full month direct in your sign, so your ability to attract what and who you want is multiplied. Jupiter remains in Sag until December 2, 2019, so if you’ve been fantasizing about someone (or many people), and haven’t really made a move on turning fantasy into reality, you’ll have the green light to do so.

The New Moon in Virgo that kicked off the month took place in career and success sector. That means that your professional success and romantic success are directly connected this month. Either you’ll meet someone you’re really attracted to while at work or a workrelated event, or perhaps a work connection that always felt flirtatious will finally merge into a full-blown romance. Do not place limits on what you can manifest, just make sure to respect the professional and personal boundaries. Set clear intentions about how you can balance your work and romantic goals without feeling like you have to choose one over the other.

The 14th, the Pisces Full Moon takes place in your roots and home sector, signifying an end to a six-month cycle of change in that area of your life. Some Sagges may decide to leave behind a previous romantic or sexual situation that no longer speaks to them. Trust that once you make the decision, even if it’s scary, the Universe will support you and protect you. With the Planet of Expansion in your sign, you must learn to let go and trust the flow. When one door closes, allow yourself to heal before jumping into another sexual or emotional connection. That doesn’t mean you must isolate yourself and feel lonely, but it does mean you should be honest with yourself and be aware of when you’ve tried filling a void instead of sitting with the discomfort.

It’s not only break-ups that happen around a Full Moon. Make-ups do too. Think back to where you were around the Pisces New Moon in March 2019. Who were you sexually or emotionally involved with? How secure did they make you feel? It’s likely that you experienced a few speed bumps along the way, and doubted whether or not the relationship was sustainable. If you took a break during these past six months and now feel prepared to be more sexually and emotionally vulnerable, then there are strong chances of you reaching a breakthrough around this time. You’ll be glad that you put yourself first and took time to understand your true emotional and sexual needs. And once you do reconnect with your partner(s), the sex will be more bomb than ever.

Prepare for some of the best sex of the year during this Pisces Full Moon — but only if it’s with people who make you feel emotionally, spiritually and physically safe. Jupiter in Sag has expanded your consciousness, and although you may have had so many more options, crushes and/or suitors this year, you’ve become more selective than ever, and this is helping you attract some of the most orgasmic connections.

Venus, the Planet of Love, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will have both entered Libra mid-month, which will serve as a contrast to the Pisces Full Moon energy. A part of you may be super sappy and seeking to be boo’d up, constantly cuddling and being loved on (that’s the Pisces Moon working its magic). Another part of you may find yourself running for the hills when things get too emotionally or sexually intense (that’s the Libra energy sweeping through). Your job is to find a middle ground. Invite someone over for a romantic date, but let them know if you don’t want them to spend the night. Or if you’re dating someone and trying to not rush into things, suggest group dates, perhaps with a sexual element to them (such as Never Have I Ever or Strip Poker). Get creative about how you can make sure your sexual needs are met without feeling like you have to constantly bare your soul to your partner(s).

Once Libra Season begins on the 23rd, your tech and friendship sectors get activated, helping you lighten up as you close out the month. Your partners may get the impression that you’re suddenly becoming more distant and less intimate — keep them in the loop about what you really feel, that will deepen your sexual and emotional connection. By the time the Libra New Moon takes place on the 28th, all the work you’ve done this month will have paid off. You’ll be able to clearly and respectfully let your partner(s) where you stand with them, what you crave both in and out of the bedroom, and what your intentions are moving forward. And that type of honesty and transparency is the biggest turn-on of all.