Scorpio April

An explosion is building up within you, Scorpio. You can feel it coming. It’s been making its way to the surface of your body and consciousness for quite some time now. Your body’s tingling with anticipation. This month, April 2020, is the month you can unleash it. Yes, I’m talking orgasms. Non-stop orgasms. Consecutive orgasms. Deeply penetrating and orally fulfilling orgasms. Whether they’re happening physically, virtually, or in your mind, they’ll feel as real as can be. Your imagination is going to go wild this month, Scorpio. Mars, one of your co-rulers, is in Aquarius all month long, activating your sector of home and roots. You’ll feel at ease in a more introverted and self-fulfilling state of being, but you’ll also have more unconventional and daring sexual and romantic urges. You’ll be less in a traditionally romantic mood, and more in an “out there” and somewhat revolutionary mood, which may at first surprise or shock both yourself and others.

Anyone who has sex with you this month, be it virtually or in-person, will feel like they’ve entered your sexual vortex and will be consumed by your erotic aura. There will be something about you that will be profoundly elusive and irresistible, making you a dangerous target that they can’t stop thinking of. So be careful where you direct your sexual prowess, Scorpio baby. Be careful what you wish for too, because your powers of manifestation and attraction will be out of this world, particularly during Taurus Season, when the Sun activates your sector of marriage and partnerships.

But before we get to that, Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, will be in Gemini beginning April 3rd, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth and intimacy, for several months.Scorpios’ super wild sides tend to emerge when a major planet is in Gemini, for better or for worse. This is the time when our alter ego takes over, the way Beyoncé (who has a Scorpio Moon), has Sasha Fierce, there’s someone in you who is more reckless and sexually experimentive than your usual Scorpio side, and Venus in Gemini will be inviting you to unleash that side of you these next few months. Single or mingling Scorpios in particular will be open to communicating with new or current partners, lovers, or admirers in a fun, and free-spirited way. When bringing up the topic of sex, there will be no need to beat around the bush, particularly if you’ve been feeling very horny or desiring intimacy recently.

This month, Scorpio, it’s guaranteed that people will be paying attention to you and sending you clear signs that they’re interested in you. You may not be able to actually physically connect with them during most of Aries Season, which will at first feel like the ultimate tease. But this is a great period for getting to know them, their true intentions, and deciding if you want to take things to the next level when the opportunity does present itself to physically connect. For Scorpios who are already boo’d up on can consistently see their lover(s), Venus in Gemini, combined with Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will have you in a more explorative and adventurous mood, allowing you to take role play, foreplay, and all forms of play and pleasure to new heights.You’re less likely to set strict limitations, and more likely to push your own sexual boundaries as well as your partners’ (with their consent, of course).

Some Scorpios may be celibate or abstinent, but will still have a strong sex drive this month, making creative self-pleasure even more of a priority this month. However, there’s also a portion of Scorpios who may feel more asexual under these Aquarius transits, and therefore Taurus Season’s energy may ignite new forms of romantic desires within them, where they seek substance and value in the day-to-day connections they have with people who catch their interest.Even if you’re currently not entertaining anyone, Scorpio, know that the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd is one of the most likely times for you to connect with someone on such a sensual, passionate, wildly unforgettable level that you’ll forget what it feels like to be romantically bored or lonely.

This new sexual and romantic connection may not happen overnight, and the way it manifests will likely be full of a plot twist — like for example, it may not be the person you’ve been crushing on who ends up sweeping you by your feet, or it may be the person who had friend-zoned you who suddenly reveals that they’re obsessed with you — due to Uranus in Taurus playing tricks in your marriage and partnership sector until 2026. You’ll have six months for the Taurus energy fully lead to you being wowed by how much your ideal six and love life can be a reality.

Many Scorpios endured many romantic ups and downs the past six months, and we’re just now getting to the breakthrough point, which feels like the ultimate orgasm that we’ve been waiting on for quite some time. These next six months, while wildly unpredictable, will also be intensely fulfilling, largely based on the New Moon intentions you take time to place during the final 8 days of April. Take control of the emotional, spiritual and sexual revolution that you’re undergoing this month, and don’t limit the depths of pleasure and explosive passion you’ll receive this month and in the months to come.