Scorpio December

With Mars in your sign all month, Scorpio, sex will be on your mind — and not only the physical act of sex, but any act of merging and intimacy. You are feeling magnetic, alluring, sexy and irresistible as the month begins, especially due to the lingering energy of the Sag New Moon activating your abundance sector for the first 10 days of the month. Scorpio, a part of you may be tempted to calm yourself down or decrease your sexual magnetism — throw any thoughts of that sort out the window.

Even if you’re ridden with insecurities, the Sag New Moon has made you more alluring and magnetic than usual, and Mars in Scorpio is also increasing your abilities to get who (or what) you want. But remember that astrology only works with you, not necessarily for you. So the magnetism of Mars in Scorpio is only activated if you allow it to be. If people come up to you around this time but you’re constantly pushing them away out of fear of intimacy and connection, then you can’t complain if your love life seems nonexistent. Some of you may be intentionally taking a break from sex with others this month, and Mars in Scorpio’s transformative and penetrating energy will help you get more deeply acquainted with your own spiritual and sexual needs. Prioritize self-pleasure.

Venus, the Planet of Love, is in Capricorn for the first 3 weeks of the month, and this ensures that the people you do let into your life are those of the highest caliber, and not anyone who is representative of past cycles of love or sex that no longer resonate with you. So even if you’re someone who tends to attract dramatic or toxic relationships, Venus in Capricorn will remind you that you deserve better, and you can attract better. Make a vow to yourself to embrace this new beginning instead of going back to what may feel familiar, but is ultimately detrimental to you and your emotional and sexual well-being. If you’re able to draw the line between pleasure and pain, you’ll find this month to be full of twists and turns that excite you sexually and intellectually.

Mid-month, Jupiter in Capricorn aligns with Uranus in Taurus, activating your communication and partnership sectors. No matter your relationship status, get prepared for your admirers to come out of the woodwork during the last week of Sag Season in particular. During Jupiter in Sag, many Scorpios allowed themselves to talk and connect with more than one person, even if usually they focused on monogamy or long-term connections. If you’re a Scorpio who has opened up to flirting, dating, or being sexually intimate to multiple lovers, Jupiter in Capricorn will feel a bit hilarious because now these lovers may all want more commitment from you! Yikes. Or not yikes. You’ll be both intrigued and a bit cautious of people who come on to you around this time.

You may not really know what you want mid-month, and that’s okay. Continue to explore, have bomb sex, and be spoiled by your partner(s). It’s when the Capricorn New Moon eclipse strikes on the 26th that you may have an “aha” moment and find yourself drawn to one particular person more intensely than the rest. It’s up to you to admit this to them instead of expecting them to read your mind.

For Scorpios who are in a committed relationship, it’s important that you don’t take yourself or your lover too seriously with all the Capricorn energy in the air this month. A part of you may want to analyze every action they did, every kiss they gave you (or didn’t give you), and all the nonverbal signs they seem to be showing you. But another option could be to just have more sex with them and let your body do the talking. With Mars in your sign all month and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, in Sag starting December 9, you benefit from being less in your head and more in tune with your body.

A part of you may want to rush past foreplay because of how turned on and erotically stimulated you feel this month, but the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all being in Capricorn at month’s end — particularly once the Capricorn New Moon eclipse takes place December 26th — indicates that the more you slow down and enjoy the sensual side of sex, the more build-up there is and the wetter the experience gets. For your sexual playlist, be inspired by Oct 23 Scorpio Miguel’s “Coffee”, Oct 24 Scorpio Drake’s entire bibliography (LOL) and Oct 25 Ciara’s “Body Party” as you take time to set intentions for the type of lover(s) and sexually mind-blowing connections you want to manifest in these next six months. Since the Capricorn eclipse is activating your communication sector, oral sex will be particularly stimulating as you round out the decade. Mmm, indulge, indulge, indulge. Page.