Scorpio December

If you’re up for it, Scorpio, this month can be one of the most sexually satisfying you’ve experienced in quite some time. Venus re-enters your sign on December 2, and it remains there until January 2019. Mercury, Planet of Communication, spends the first 12 days of December in your sign too. This means that you’ll be on people’s minds and they’ll be fantasizing about being with you, even if you’re unavailable. Although Mercury remains retrograde until December 6 — and then has a two-week post-shadow period where things take their time to get back to normal — you’ll still enjoy the Scorpio vibes in the cosmos this Sagittarius Season. Your ability to express your sexual desires and go after them passionately will increase as the month goes by, and you’ll find that the less you try to control your sex life, the better it becomes.

Mars, the Planet of Action, spends all month long in your fellow water sign of Pisces, activating your sector of fate, true love and adventure. If you’ve been merging sexually with the same person lately, you’re likely to become even more drawn to them with Mars in Pisces. Even if you’ve been trying to scale back your feelings and be more emotionally detached, you won’t be able to help yourself from daydreaming about having sex with them. They’ll have a strong hold on you, and your intuition will be sending you signals and encouraging you to let loose and be more sexually uninhibited. Venus in Scorpio’s energy tends to have a powerful effect on you because it intensifies feelings that you may have suppressed. The more you tap into those feelings, the more turned on others will become. But also beware, because you may find yourself feeling more jealous and possessive of your lover(s). Even if you’re not exclusive, or if you are but there’s no true reason to worry, you may end up impulsively reacting if you find them giving anyone else their time and attention.

Fortunately, the New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on the 7th, one day after Mercury Retrograde ends. Sagittarius is a sign that masters the art of detachment, and since this New Moon is taking place in your security and abundance sector, you’ll notice yourself being less obsessive when it comes to sex and love. You should use the ten days after the New Moon to focus your energy on a creative or entrepreneurial venture that can boost your income. By redirecting your attention to something within your means of control, you’ll end up attracting the sexual experiences that you’ve been secretly desiring. The Universe is using Venus’ transit in your sign to teach you how to let go and trust the process.

When Venus was retrograde in your sign from October 5 – 31st, it may have felt like you had to experience constant ups and downs romantically and sexually. You may have felt unsatisfied sexually and emotionally, or your partner(s) may have felt less connected to you. But now that Venus is direct in your sign, you’ll understand why those blockages kept popping up. It was a way for you to break out of a rut, get to the root of any trust issues that you may have, and create a pathway to overcome your triggers so that you can feel sexually liberated. This Sag New Moon will kickstart a six-month cycle of greater expansion when it comes to your sexual health and interactions. You’ll be less guarded and fearful of being hurt, and instead your openness to sexual escapades will increase day by day. This is also largely due to Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, also being in Sagittarius for the next 12 months. You’re becoming more wild and free-spirited, Scorpio, and it’s going to pay off as you merge with your partner(s) in more authentic and genuine ways.

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, and the Cancer Full Moon follows suit on the 22nd, you’ll be focused on communicating your lesser known kinks and sexual eccentricities in a way that makes you feel accepted. You are known as the sex sign of the zodiac, but not only in a purely physical way. You view sex as a love language, and a form of spiritual merging. You want to have sex with someone whose soul energy is compatible with yours, and that takes time and patience to cultivate that type of relationship. While it is possible for Scorpios to be promiscuous, or to be the opposite extreme and practice celibacy this month, chances are you’ll want to find a happy medium. Even Scorpios in a relationship will be craving their freedom and basking in the limelight with Venus and Mercury in their sign for part of the month. But at the same time, as a Scorpio you will ensure that your partner(s) are interested in you and only you. The Cancer Full Moon may make you aware of double standards you have in your sexual unions. You don’t want a clingy lover, but you want to feel wanted. As long as you admit to your own contradictory nature, those sexually intertwined with you won’t hold it against you. Your mysterious and intriguing sexual allure will only turn them on even more.