Scorpio June

With Mars, your ruling planet, in Pisces almost all month long, activating your sector of fate, true love, and pleasure, you’ll have to let your feelings and thoughts align in a way that prioritizes your sexual and spiritual pleasure. No more masochism, Scorpio. No more sabotaging relationships that have the potential to blow you away and leave you moaning for more. Ever since last month’s Scorpio Full Moon, you’ve been becoming more clearly aware of your own weak spots and moments of anxious delusion. Retrograde season has made it glaringly clear when certain thought patterns or insecurities cause blockages or frustrations in your most intimate relationships. Now eclipse season kicks off on June 5th, with a fiery Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius activating your sector of abundance and security. A six-month chapter connected to what you tend to accept in your relationships, your finances, and your overall consciousness is coming to an end, Scorpio, and in a pretty dramatic way.

Drama, drama, drama. Instead of letting it control your love life, find ways to incorporate it in your sex life. You’ll have so much fun stripping for your lover, playing never have I ever, daring each other to try some of the most unconventional sexual positions, roleplaying, incorporating whips, vibrators, and hand ties into your sexual adventures. You can even script a sex scene and encourage your partner to act it out with you. At first they may think you’re silly but before you know it, they’ll really be getting into it, and they’ll enjoy tapping into this aspect of fantasy that you embody so well.

Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy and Illusion, will go retrograde on the 23rd, in the sign of Pisces. This activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, adventure and true love. We’ll feel the effects of the approaching retrograde all month long, and when you combine this with Mars, Planet of Action, also being in Pisces until the 24th, it’ll feel challenging for you to think rationally or logically, especially if the person you’re into is currently communicating with you, or accessible to you. They will consume your mind, sometimes at the most inappropriate moments like in the middle of a major pitch or performance. It’ll be up to you to transform sexual energy into creative motivation, without giving away just how horny you are. That doesn’t mean you have to control your horny levels all month long, but it does mean you should find ways to fulfill the levels of pleasure that you fantasize about, or else it’ll spill out in “real life” and you won’t feel grounded.

Scorpios are ruled by the sexual organs, and with Venus retrograde in Gemini most of the month, activating our sector of depth and intimacy, touching yourself and enjoying in sensual selfpleasure is the name of the game. This will particularly be the case for Scorpios who aren’t used to indulging in masturbation or who may feel like it’s taboo. There’s something about retrograde and eclipse season which will help Scorpios reconsider their own biases or sexual limitations.

The same goes for Scorpios who may have experienced sexual abuse in their lives and may not feel as comfortable in their bodies as they would have wished. Saturn, the Teacher Planet, is currently in Aquarius for one more month, and it’s helping you learn how to detach from past trauma and not be defined by it. This is something you’ve been working on for several years now, but Chiron’s presence in Aries in your sector of health and service is accelerating your sexual healing, and this will be life-changing. The type of sex you have in the second half of 2020 will feel monumentally better — and many Scorpios have already had incredible sex (or sexual fantasies) in the first half. 2020 is just getting started when it comes to awakening us to our sexual gifts.

You may have a breakthrough around the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on June 21st, right after eclipse season has begun. You’re realizing how fears of abandonment had an effect on your physical sexual responses and your ability to own up to what you really want versus what you try to tell yourself you should want. This eclipse is one of the most fertile periods for Scorpios in every way — sexually, artistically, and spiritually.

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or just enjoying the art of discovering fellow sexual beings, the type of sex you have during the final 9 days of June will feel so alluring and profound that you and your partners) may end up in tears. You’ve unlocked a whole new world, using sexual alchemy as your superpower. And keep in mind that as the sign of sex, simply indulging in prolonged eye contact with you is an orgasmic act. Having a thirty-minute phone call with you can leave people feigning for the sound of your voice. A simple selfie will leave your crush shook for ages. So get creative when it comes to making love, spreading love, and merging with the right people in this post-eclipse world. A few heart-to-hearts and passionate strokes later and you may find that you’re hooked on each other and craving so much more. Open yourself up & receive.