Scorpio May

Scorpio, your relationship with sex and intimacy is deepening with each passing day. People think you’re the sex sign because of how much of a freak you are, but little do they know that it’s actually because of how deep your essence is. Everything about you feels like sex. Synergy. Transformation. Rebirth. Merging. That’s what you’re about. So anyone who’s lucky enough to be able to connect with you sexually usually gets enamored and captivated by your intense aura. And that’s why they sometimes resign you to being a sex-obsessed feign. It’s because not everyone can handle just how intoxicating your energy is. They tend to fear what they cannot comprehend. This is therefore the month where you weed out the faux lover(s) from the real deal. Only the real can relate Only the real deserve access to you.

The Scorpio Full Moon taking place on May 7th is felt as the month begins, and you’ll feel its after effects throughout the entire month of May. It’s activating your sector of self and the personality, and you’ll notice that your connection with yourself is undergoing a metamorphosis. Before even wondering about who likes you, focus on how much you like you, Scorpio. Self-love and self-compassion are works in progress, and while you’ll be tempted to put yourself under a microscope and fix all your “flaws”, this Full Moon will feel more healing if you actually allow yourself to be seen by someone other than yourself.

Allow your crush, lover, or friend that could one day be a lover, to get access to you in a way that you usually don’t provide. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much they show up for you, either via a multiple-hour FaceTime call, in-person connection, or a love letter you receive in print or text. Scorpio — accept the abundance of love this Full Moon wants to bless you with. It may even come from unexpected sources, including past lovers or those you never thought you’d connect with again. It’s retrograde season and Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in our partnership sector, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

Why are we often ready to cut off anything that comes from the past, without wondering if perhaps it came back better than it was before? These are the types of questions you’ll ask yourself during retrograde season this month, particularly since your ruler Pluto is currently retrograde in your communication sector. You may be dreaming or fantasising of “the one that got away” or the one that you wish you could have. And since your powers are so strong, you may actually manifest them back into your life this month. They may hit you up or you may bump into them, and the sexual connection will be so strong that you’ll want to pounce on each other immediately, even if you’ve had a complicated history.

Venus in Gemini has been activating your sector of merging and will continue to for several months, and you’re finding yourself being more open to exploration, while also being more cautious and guarded at the same time. Your lover(s) may find you to be inconsistent when it comes to expressing your needs and genuine desires. As long as you can own up to your inconsistencies, rather than letting your pride or ego deny them, they’ll find your honesty refreshingly sexy.

Your co-ruling planet Mars enters Pisces on the 13th of the month, and it activates your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. Scorpio, I know a part of you is tired of how deeply romantic and infatuated you’ve felt lately, with so many planets activating your sector of intimacy, partnership and merging. But there’s no need to run away from the intense emotions the month of May has in store for you. If you dive into their magic, you’ll end up so sexually and spiritually satisfied that you’ll wonder what you were afraid of in the first place.

With Mars in Pisces, you are a magnet for sex. But not just with anyone. With the “one(s)”. The one(s) that feel like you’re being seen in ways that heal you, with a single glance. Mars in Pisces energy makes you ooze mystical sensuality, and people will feel so deeply drawn to your aura that at times they may feel the need to take a break from you, or else they’d crumble. It’s that serious, yo. Don’t let it get to your head (okay, maybe you can a little lol), but rather be honest with yourself — do you want bomb ass head? Are you in the mood to give bomb head? Then go for it babe. Why deny yourself pleasure when your body and soul are letting you know what they’re seeking?

Even if you can’t be physically touched at this point in time, write bae or your imaginary bae a detail-filled letter explaining how and where you’re longing to be touched whenever you do connect. It may feel like torture at first to not be able to connect with who you want at that exact moment, but you’re building sexual stamina and mental discipline, which will make your eventual connection orgasmic and unforgettable once it does manifest.

If you’re able to physically connect with your lover(s), crush(es), or potential partner(s) this month, use the energy of Gemini Season in your sector of depth to indulge in activities that make you both laugh your asses off. After an intense Taurus Season and Scorpio Full Moon, laughter will feel orgasmic to you and help you both release any self-protective walls as you get to know each other’s mind, bodies, and souls. Even a long-term lover will come alive in a brand new way under the Gemini New Moon’s energy on the 22nd. Your sexual wishes are the Universe’s command, Scorpio. Get familiar with what you’re ready to will into existence. And open your body up to every thrilling sensation your sexual and romantic adventures can bless you with.