Scorpio November

It’s your season, Scorpio. And you are supreme. When it comes to sex, love and intimacy, it’s essential that you view yourself as the captain of your own ship. A ship that’s about to get extremely wet (and make others wet too if it so applies). You decide just how powerfully the water splashes, just how deep the strokes go, and at what frequency the liquids can be swallowed. You decide how naughty or nice you plan to be this month. It’s your season, and you call the shots. With all this magnetic energy that Scorpio Season is igniting this November, a part of you may want to be a contrarian and literally do nothing about it at all.

The irony is that even as you try to deny your sexual nature and your powerfully alluring energy, it ends up drawing more attention to you anyways. That’s right, Scorps. You could ghost everyone, deactivate your social media, and block all your exes and you’d still end up on people’s minds. Even if you think no one’s thinking of you, with the Sun and Mercury both in Scorpio for the majority of November, more people are thinking of you than you realize.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is retrograde in your zodiac sign most of the month, Scorpio. So you’ll also be having certain thoughts recurring in your mind, taunting you and influencing your sexual and emotional decisions. You’re someone who lives and moves according to vibration rather than practicality. There have been certain vibes that you’ve been tapping into and feeling recently, and perhaps your practical side is trying to tell you to not give into those vibes.

You’ve been practicing self-control with Mercury in your sign these past few weeks. But now that Mercury is retrograde, you may want to re-evaluate what your intentions are, particularly during the first 7 days of November when the Scorpio New Moon energy is especially strong. There’s no need to place pressure on yourself either during intention setting. Remember that this is a process that’s supposed to be fun and reawaken you to the fact that you can manifest anything you believe you deserve.

So the key to manifesting a bomb sex and love life this month is to start off by believing you deserve it in the first place. The Taurus Full Moon on November 12th may be the explosive moment you’ve been waiting for when it comes to fully seeing yourself, and fully being seen by a lover (or many). Just when you may have fallen victim to making assumptions of how others feel about you, you may end up receiving a powerfully stimulating revelation about someone’s true feelings for you — and it will astound you.

Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in Taurus until 2026, and since Taurus activates Scorpio’s partnership sector, you’ve probably been on a major rollercoaster ride when it comes to love and intimacy this year. People came into your life and completely revolutionized it, and perhaps it’s been inconsistent and jarring to navigate such soul-stirring connections. You’ve vacillated from moments of profound connection with another being to moments of profound solitude. Your sex life may have also vacillated from being a wild love story to being a onehuman show. This is all part of the process, Scorpio, and Scorpio Season, combined with the Taurus Full Moon on the 12th, and Mercury Retrograde lasting all month, will help you get to the bottom of what this process is trying to show you.

Mars, your planetary ruler, shifts out of Libra on the 19th and enters your zodiac sign for the rest of 2019. Whewwww, Scorpio. Just when they tried to tell us Scorpio Season was coming to an end, the Planet of Sex enters our sign. Muahahaha. Scorpio Season is just getting started, baby. And our sex lives will get steamier and steamier by the second. Not everyone will be able to handle the intensity that we’ll bring — both in and out of the bedroom — during Mars in Scorpio. And that’s okay because not everyone is meant to handle it.

Mars in Scorpio will help you weed out those who are meant to make you cum from those who make you run. Yes, sometimes that can be the same person — you feel like running from the person who drives you crazy sexually and knows exactly what your body wants. So what do you often end up doing? You run right back into their arms, or at least you fantasize about what it would be like to reconnect sexually and spiritually (even if you’re completely ghosting them in “real life”.)

Mars in Scorpio will intensify those extreme reactions within you, but the Sun joining Venus in Sag on the 22nd will serve as a necessary contrast reminding you that sometimes sex can be viewed as fun, adventurous and exciting without you having to get deep into your lover’s mind and know the exact thoughts they’re feeling as they’re making love to you. The key to having the best birthday season sex this month is to allow yourself to receive attention from people you intuitively and physically get turned on by, even if there’s a bit of danger associated to them. It’s Scorpio Season after all, and even when the Sun enters Sag, we’ll be living on the edge.

So yes, Scorpio. Do it. Do it as much (or as little) as you want. Safely. With whomever you want (or only yourself, or no one at all). Safely. This month is about trusting your sexual nature and letting it heal you as you morph into the badass Phoenix lover you’re meant to be.