Scorpio November

Scorpio, we’re now in the midst of Scorpio Season, and your ruler Mars is now direct in Aries, another sign that it rules. Since Mars is the Planet of Action (and sex), you may have felt like your sex life wasn’t necessarily as consistently poppin’ as it could be since September 9, 2020, when Mars first began its retrograde. Even if you were sexually satisfied, it may have felt like something was missing. This is the month that fills that void — this is the month where you satisfaction can be prioritized and your needs can be met. But the only way that can happen is if you dare to let your lover(s) — including your own self — know what your needs are, Scorpio. With Venus in Libra most of the month, the best thing you can do is take yourself less seriously, even if you’re already in a relationship. Let yourself flirt more, play dress up, desire yourself, touch yourself, tease yourself and others, and most importantly — vocalize and demonstrate your sexual and emotional needs and desires. People aren’t mind-readers and it will only frustrate them and dampen your connection if you expect them to be. But if you’ve been fantasizing day and night of having your ass slapped, your throat choked, your lips bitten and your eyes blinfolded while you’re being ordered around, then take those fantasies to the next level by manifesting them into reality.

Your annual Scorpio New Moon on November 15th kickstarts a six-month chapter of deepened bliss and sexual and emotional ecstasy. You can have everything you want if you have the courage to ask for it and believe that it’s yours. You usually love to be the one in control, but this month you’ll be open to surrendering to other people taking control of the reins. Once you’ve set your intentions, release the need to control how they manifest. They’re coming to you in deeper, wetter, and more orgasmic ways than you may anticipate.

Your mission this month, both in bed and in life: state your needs directly and start planting seeds of intention that allow yourself to already feel your needs being met, with ease. This doesn’t mean it’ll happen exactly in the way you expect it to, though, Scorpio. Please remember that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is in Taurus until 2026, activating your marriage sector and making your relationships full of plot twists. That means your sex life will be too!

Some days this month you may feel like you know exactly what you want sexually, and other days you may feel completely reborn, and the positions or foreplay that you loved yesterday may no longer be as thrilling. So state what you need in the present moment. Want to be choked? Say that. Want someone to ride you? Let them know. Do you want to be kissed in a specific way? Show them, and then let them show you their special and unique twist on it. Let yourself be woo’d, let yourself be cuddled, let yourself be taken care of. And if you’re far away from your lover, send yourselves more voice notes and videos — Venus in Libra’s social and harmonizing energy this month will make you feel ready to explore all of your own desires, while easefully pleasing your partner visually, soulfully and communicatively.

Once Venus shifts into our sign on the 21st, you’ll find that Scorpio Season’s energy rolls into the start of Sag Season, and you’re a magnet for intimacy and deeply penetrative eye contact. Anyone who kisses you will feel intoxicated by your aura. And once Sag Season and eclipse season begins in the final week of November, your sector of security and depth will be activated by the Sun in Sag and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Some of the best sex of the month awaits at month’s end, and it’s due to all the shadow work you’ve been doing this season. You’ll feel sexually reborn, and those fortunate enough to merge with you around the eclipse will feel imprinted with your transformative sexual vibration, which will leave them shook, in awe and trembling at the knees.