Scorpio October

Scorpio, your season begins this month. That says it all. The end. But forreal — you’re on fire this month, due to Mars, your planetary ruler, currently being in Aries, and Mercury, the Planet of Communication, now being in your sign. Sex and intimacy will be on your mind this month, but not necessarily in the same way as one would expect. Since Juno, an asteroid that has to do with intimacy, has recently entered our sign, Scorpios who previously put off love or thought that it wasn’t meant for them will suddenly find that they deeply crave commitment and connection with someone. If that’s something you relate to, Scorpio, this is the month where you can fully own up to your mind, body and soul’s current desires. Your sexual rebirth awaits!

Once Mercury Retrograde begins in your sign on the 13th, you’ll hear yourself more clearly, and feel yourself more intensely. You’ll find yourself craving more time alone with yourself — you will still be attracted to your current or potential partners, but you’ll view yourself as the most mesmerizing of all. Indulge in self-pleasure and self-appreciation on a daily level, and you’ll see how your powers of magnetism deepen and you’re able to attract and maintain the attention of those you care for, all month long. Use these powers of manifestation and magnetism wisely…

On the October 16th, the Libra New Moon takes place and activates a six-month cycle of sexual and spiritual rebirth in your life, Scorpio. Situationships that are no longer thrilling you on a psychological and sexual level may come to an end in the first half of October, in order to make room for your reawakening with this Libra New Moon. Around the middle of the month you may find that many people come on to you — both new people and those who have been around for a while, but who may have been hiding their true feelings. When Mars is retrograde in Aries, Venus is in Virgo in your community sector, and Mercury is retrograde in your sign, the truth has no choice but to come out, so get ready for your secret and not-so-secret admirers to reveal themselves and let you know how much you’ve been on their mind. Let them know if they’ve been on yours too, and prepare for a powerful transmission of sexual energy once you do.

This revelation of who is truly into you and who’s been dreaming of connecting with you sexually will particularly be felt between October 16th and October 26th. You can still connect emotionally and sexually with someone new during the retrograde, Scorpio — just avoid trying to project your relationships as a forever thing when it may simply be something for you to indulge in right now. Be present with your blessings, and be open to the myriad of ways the Universe wants to immerse you in pleasure. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too.

Once Scorpio Season begins on October 23rd, your sexual switch is officially activated. If you were in hermit mode during Libra Season, you’ll particularly feel on fire during Scorpio Season, and your eroticism will be irresistible. If you’re already with a lover, the Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st, and the four days that precede it, are likely to be the most raunchy, dangerously intense days that you experience this month. Having two full moons in one month means you can have double the cosmic explosions, and they may be back to back to back to back. You’ll be in the mood to be taken care of, spanked, spoiled, bitten, smacked, perhaps even choked and pinned down until you use your safe word. Your more savage side will emerge in bed, and even if you don’t have a sexual outlet, your sexts will be out of this world, and your sexual fantasies will be too. Scorpio, if there were ever a month to fully let your freaky flag fly, this would be it. Manifest all the birthday sex, and sexually liberating experiences, that you know you deserve.