Scorpio October

Welcome to October, Scorpio. Scorpio Season begins this month, and Venus, the Planet of Love, spends all month in your sign, so you’re truly the celestial favorite when it comes to sex, relationships, and being on people’s minds. What will you do with all this energy, magnetism and attention? Whatever you want. This is the theme of October for you Scorpio: don’t overthink it, just do it. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, has finally ended its retrograde in your communication sector. You are ruled by Pluto (along with Mars, which ended its retrograde at the end of August), so are feeling these transformational vibes more than anyone right now. All of the pent-up feelings, anger, bitterness or sadness that you experienced during Pluto Retrograde are ready to be released. And what better way to release them than through soul-stirring and transcendental sex?

Pluto being direct isn’t the only reason sex will be a prominent theme this month (if you allow it to be without micromanaging every interaction). Venus, the Planet of Love, will also be in your zodiac sign all month long. However, on October 5th, it does go retrograde in your sign, and that may tempt you to fall back into familiar patterns when it comes to your romantic interactions. Think: being overly possessive or obsessive, letting jealousy cause drama or insecurities in your interactions, and getting clingy with people in an overbearing way. But the flip side of Venus in Scorpio and its retrograde can lead to you learning from past situations where you’ve let your extreme emotions cause hurdles in your sex and love life, and not falling into those familiar patterns anymore. The choice is yours, Scorpio. Remember? This month is about doing what you want, so what is it that you want exactly? And most importantly, why do you want it?

The New Moon in Libra on October 8th may bring you the clarity and “aha” moment that you’ve been waiting for when it comes to answering these existential (and sexual) questions. From October 1 – 22, the Sun will be in Libra, lighting up your spirituality and healing sector. The New Moon energy lasts from the 8th to the 18th as well, so you’ll be focused on setting intentions surrounding these themes in your life. Your ability to soul-search without taking things too far or being too harsh on yourself and your sex partner(s) will increase due to the Libra vibes, and you may even end up laughing at some of your previous emotional reactions to your relationships. Be willing to talk things through with your boo, wannabe boo, or past and current lover. Don’t let your pride or ego stop you from clearing the air if you’ve kept things bottled up for too long. Once you do, your sex drive will be through the roof, and you’ll also want to voice the desires that you’ve kept to yourself for far too long. Prioritize your spiritual healing this month if you want to feel satisfied sexually and emotionally. Only merge with partners who can handle your intensity, Scorpio. Dim your light for no one, and don’t pretend to be okay with certain situations in your love and sex life if you’re not. The more honest and upfront you are during Libra Season, the more empowered and happy you’ll be once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd.

And that brings us to the most exciting moment of the month — the Sun entering Scorpio on October 23 and joining Mercury, the Planet of Communication, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, and Venus, the Planet of Love in your sign. By month’s end, 4 planets will be in your sign, so that definitely solidifies the heightened sexual, emotional and intuitive energy in the cosmos. Rely on your intuition when it comes to how much sex you have, who you have sex with, and where/why you have sex. There’s no need to plan things out too much during Scorpio Season. Jupiter will be spending its final full month in your sign this month, so your sex life is going to expand beyond your wildest dreams. Jupiter’s energy will teach you to reach for the stars when it comes to what you deserve. If you want to orgasm multiple times a night — ask for it and don’t be afraid to take the lead to show your partner(s) how it’s done! They’ll be unbelievably turned on by how bold and intriguing you are, and they’ll bend over backwards to meet your needs. Even if your sex life hasn’t been as hot as you’d like, by the time Scorpio Season begins you’ll be on board to make it happen. No more making excuses or feeling sorry for yourself. Be open to online dating, getting hooked up via mutual friends, or simply taking yourself out on a date while looking and feeling your best. Chances are, you won’t end the month feeling lonely. You’ll feel like the superstar that you rightfully are.