scorpio september

Welcome to September, Scorpio. Scorpio Season begins next month, but you will already get a taste of what’s to come due to Venus, the Planet of Love, entering your zodiac sign on September 9 and increasing your sex appeal, magnetism, stamina, and sexual urges. The Sun will be in Virgo for the first three weeks of the month, highlighting your career and reputation sector. This means that as long as things are going well for you at work, your sex drive will be through the roof. But if there’s any stress going on professionally, it’ll be hard for you to disconnect and to fully engage in soul-stirring sex, which can be a bummer for both you and your sexual partners. So make an effort as the month begins to make sure you’re on top of things at work, but not in an obsessive and all-consuming way. This is easier said than done for you, Scorpio, as you tend to be a bit of a control freak when you have your eyes set on something. But a good motivator could be to infuse sex breaks in between major projects. This will serve as a way to decompress and to help relax you, and then you’ll be energized enough to get back to work.

On September 6, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its lengthy retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, and you may cut yourself and others some slack as you start to notice the pressure of responsibilities calming down. You may have been trying so hard to be there for everyone in your life, and this may have put a damper on your sex life, especially since Saturn was retrograde in your communication sector. Goodbye moody and cranky, Scorpio, and hello more upbeat and empowered, Scorpio! This is perfect timing, since three days later Venus, the Planet of Love, enters your zodiac sign for many weeks and reawakens a sexual part of you that may have previously been dormant during the Venus in Libra transit. You’ll find that your sexual urges are stronger than ever from September 9 onwards, and you’ll have a plethora of options and choices when it comes to whom you direct your sexual energy to. But in typical Scorpio fashion, you’re not one to settle for just anyone who winks at you or sends you a flirtatious message. You want the crème de la crème and will seek sexual partners who won’t waste your precious time and who will send you to the peak of sexual ecstasy. Your magnetic ass won’t have any problem attracting suitors — you’ll just have to turn some down and avoid leading them on, even if it is fun. People may accuse you of being heartless or a heartbreaker while Venus is in your sign, but you can’t please everyone! If there’s any time to be selfish with your body and sexuality, it’s during Venus’ transit through your sign. This is the time period where you feel most sexy, beautiful, adored and pursued, and you might as well fully indulge in it while you can.

On September 22, the Sun shifts out of Virgo and into Libra, highlighting your spirituality and healing sector. You’ll be feeling a bit more introverted and private with this energy, because it represents the month before Scorpio Season begins, which is when you tend to hibernate in preparation for your annual reboot and regeneration period (aka, your birthday!) The best thing you can do during Libra Season is kill two birds with one stone — find a sexual buddy whom you’ll invite into your Scorpio lair, so that you can hibernate while also having amazing sex and not having to leave the house! Order take-out, round up your favorite movies (preferably some with steamy sex scenes), and have a shower buddy who can soap you up and get you wetter and wetter as you wash off. There’s no need to push people away during Libra Season — your sexuality and sensuality will be high, as will your libido, so indulge in that aspect of yourself by being selective with your partners. Already taken? Libra Season may be one of your most romantic times with your significant other, as they’ll take the time to truly cater to you and please you to the fullest. Be sure to reciprocate the favor.

The month ends with Pluto, one of your co-ruling planets, ending its five-month retrograde on September 30. This was affecting your communication sector, so you’ll end the month feeling inspired to share a sexual desire or fantasy with your partner(s), and they’ll be very open to helping you fulfill it. This is the perfect prelude to Scorpio Season, and you’ll feel like you can have whatever you want once you step out of your shell and simply make it clear to all parties involved. Ask and you shall receive, Scorpio.