Scorpio September

September is your month of sexual and emotional liberation, Scorpio. Scorpio Season begins next month, and you should ask yourself how you’d really like to feel by then. This month, your mission is to take the necessary steps to make sure you’re cultivating your ideal reality. Therefore, if you’re having sex with someone and you’re not really feeling the vibes, then stop having sex with them. You, more than any zodiac sign, understand how spiritual sex can be. Even if you can consciously choose to have casual sex, there’s a part of you that still takes the act of merging with another person seriously. So even if it’s been years, months, or you have subscribed to a certain expectation of a relationship, but deep down you know it’s time to let go, it’s essential that you do so this month. Your inner and sexual peace depends on it.

The Virgo New Moon that kicks off the month provides you with the clarity you’ve been seeking ever since summer began. The New Moon energy activates your sector of social networks, so friends-with-benefits and situationships fall under this New Moon. You’ll want to switch from the mode of “it’s complicated” to the mode of, “I know exactly what my heart and body wants, and I will clearly express these truths to whichever partner(s) I merge with.” Empower yourself by making sure your throat chakra is clear — that way you’ll be able to speak your truth and enjoy giving and receiving oral with greater passion and pleasure.

The more you bury what you want within yourself, the more blocked your chakras become, and the less satisfying sex and relationships are. Virgo energy helps you clear out what’s stagnant and refresh yourself and your relationships. Nurture the connections that feel like home this month, Scorpio. Even if they’re friendships and non-romantic connections (or should I say, especially if they’re non-romantic). By becoming aware of the multitude and diversity of love that exists in your life, you’re able to attract romantic love that’s just as loyal and healing.

If you’re happily in a relationship, make sure to not look for a reason to be insecure or to end things. Sometimes when everything is flowing well, Scorpios become suspicious of their partner (and of themselves), and worries that something’s going to happen to mess it all up. This can lead Scorpios to falling in the trap of self-sabotage, or sabotaging their relationships. You owe it to yourself to break free from such patterns of behavior and to work on accepting the love the Universe is giving to you.

It’s around the Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th that you may have a breakthrough about this. Prepare for a revelatory heart-to-heart, followed by one of the most sensual, magnetic and transcendental love-making experiences you’ve had this year. We’ll feel the Full Moon energy most from September 10 – 18th, so these are some of the best days to have sex and to practice being vulnerable with your partner(s). You’ll be so glad you did. Be aware that Pisces energy activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, fertility and true love. You may get so swept up in your sexual connection that you conceive a baby! If that’s something you want, then lucky you. But if that’s not on your agenda, then be extra careful. All Scorpios should practice safe sex, regardless of their relationship status. It’s especially important to do so this month.

Mid-month, Mercury, Planet of Communication, and Venus, Planet of Love, switch out of Virgo and into Libra, providing you with a breath of fresh air that allows you to stop scrutinizing every aspect of yourself and your connection(s). You’ll be in a more light-hearted mood as a lover, which will make you more down to experiment in and out of the bedroom. Libra Season (aka the pre-game to Scorpio Season) then begins on the 23rd, activating your spirituality and healing sector.

Sexual trauma or past disappointments in love and sex that you’ve been working on healing may resurface during Libra Season, but you’ll have a stronger ability to release, transmute, and let go. You don’t want to feel heavy, burdened or full of resentment as your solar return approaches. Do the work in therapy, journal, meditate, and find ways to remind yourself of your regenerative powers. Don’t use sex as a way to run away from what you feel. If you enjoy sex with the right person, Libra Season will help you both cultivate your connection without placing too many expectations on where it’s leading. That’s true freedom, Scorpio. Being here, in the moment, deeply imbued in sexual and emotional pleasure. That’s orgasmic AF, and that reality can be yours if you open yourself up to this type of expansion in your life.