Scorpio March

Happy March, Scorpio! With Mars, your ruling planet, in Taurus all month long, your partnership sector is being activated and transformed. This is especially due to the fact that Uranus, the Planet of Change and Surprise, is also entering Taurus on March 6, and remaining there until 2026. Everything about your love and sex life is going through a revolution. At first it may feel wildly disorienting and a bit scary, because as a Scorpio you tend to be reluctant to accept change unless it’s self-imposed. The thing about Uranus in Taurus is that a lot of the changes that been taking place subconsciously are now coming to the surface of your life, and you’re learning how to process this transformation and be honest with yourself about your sexual and emotional desires.

On top of this, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Aquarius at the beginning of the month and remains there until the 26th. Say bye bye to the self-critical Scorpio who was analyzing every move made in bed or every text sent to bae. Venus in Aquarius gives you a more “go with the flow and most importantly, chill” state of being, and people will find that extremely sexy. They’re used to you being so passionate and extreme, and while those characteristics definitely will still exist within you, they’ll be mesmerized by your more nonchalant attitude towards love and sex. You’re no longer pressed to manifest the most ideal love or sex life, but you’re rather open to being surprised and sexually stimulated in more ways than one. Scorpio is known as the sign of sex, and this month you’ll really understand why…

It’s Pisces Season throughout the 20th, and the New Moon in Pisces takes place on the 6th and activates your sector of fate, fun, true love and adventure. During the New Moon period of the 6th through the 16th, you may end up having some of the best sex of the month, and it’s because you’re setting yourself free, letting down your guard, and allowing your wild and untamable side to be unleashed. Keep in mind that there are many ways for Scorpio to have sex. There’s the traditional way in terms of penetration, oral, spooning, from the back, missionary, etc… Then there’s the type of sex that’s all non-verbal, through intense eye contact, brushed shoulders, hand grazing, a giggle or wink, etc… You have the power to turn someone on and even bring them to orgasm simply by how powerfully magnetic and attractive your aura is. Use these powers wisely Scorpio, and don’t lead people on simply because you like the attention. Be very selective in terms of your sexual interactions and the romantic energy you put out and receive. That way the Universe can finetune only the best of the best for you, and if you’re already boo’d up, you and your partner will be able to explore tantra sex during Pisces Season and truly find more intimate ways to bring each other consistent pleasure.

Mercury Retrograde takes place in Pisces most of the month from the 5th to the 28th, so people from your past will definitely resurface and aim to get with you. For some Scorpios, this will be a welcomed manifestation, especially if you’ve been wanting to pick things back up with someone special or see where things could go. But if someone that you truly know doesn’t serve you pops back up, even in your dreams, then you’ll have to set clear boundaries and not worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Having sex with an ex is not necessarily a bad or problematic thing at all. You’ll simply want to do you’re doing so out of desire, and not out of loneliness or some sort of emotional manipulation… Only you know what your intentions are, but treat others the way you’d like to be treated. This will especially be true around March 20, once Aries Season begins and activates your health and wellness sector. The more you lead by example in terms of self-love, the more people will gravitate towards you, treat you like a royal being, and be willing to please each and every one of your fantasies. The Libra Full Moon on the 20th is going to be quite liberating, because just like Uranus in Taurus encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone, dare to speak and act on fantasies that you’ve harbored deep within, and know when it’s time to let go, the Full Moon in Libra helps you let down your guard and stop being so protective. This is an excellent balance for your sex life because you’ll still come off as mysterious, magnetic, and full of stamina and sex appeal, but you’ll also know to direct it only towards those worthy of such passion and potency. Think back to what your sex life was like during Libra Season 2018. Chances are that you’ve evolved as a lover, and this will reflect in the way you make love, give love, and accept love, Scorpio.