Scorpio May

It’s your half-birthday season and you’re coming alive like never before, Scorpio. This is also the month that gives birth to your annual Scorpio Full Moon, which means that your sex drive, intuition, and overall ambition are through the roof. It’s Taurus Season until May 21st, activating your partnership and relationship sector. Ever since Uranus entered Taurus and lit up that area of your life on March 6, you’ve been noticing massive changes in the way you give love, receive love, have sex, and crave sex. Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, and that’s the best way to describe what your sex life will be this month — full of surprises. Scorpios who have had a dry spell or have practically given up on love and sex may end up having the most wild adventures of all, seemingly out of the blue. That’s because love (and bomb sex) can often strike when you least expect it. Letting go of expectations is therefore key to having a supremely satisfying sexual journey this month.

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th of May is a powerful period of time for you, Scorpio, because it’s one of the most fertile periods to get clear about what your most satisfying, soulful sexual and romantic unions look and feel like. If you’re already in a relationship that satisfies you intellectually, sexually, spiritually and emotionally, you’ll notice your bond deepen considerably under the New Moon influence May 4th through the 14th. If you’re in a relationship that you hope to transform with intention, or one where you’re considering whether you should stay or go, this New Moon will give you the clarity you seek.

Watch out though, because you can easily end up getting drawn to an ex or someone with whom there’s undeniable sexual chemistry, but who may not be best for your mental health… It doesn’t mean you can never be together and you have to cut them out of your life. It just means you have to be honest about when sex is just sex (which it rarely ever is for Scorpio), and when it’s so much deeper than that. Perhaps a conversation needs to be had to clarify matters and not cause potential misunderstandings or broken hearts. Also realize that you may be projecting your past hurts or fears unto your lovers, so be aware of that tendency. Once you release angst, your sexual nature intensifies and you feel all tingly inside. That means it’s about to go down.

On the 15th, Mars, your ruling planet, switches out of Gemini and enters Cancer for several weeks. You’ll enjoy this change of pace, because while Mars in Gemini was making you flirtatious, more charming and open to experimenting in bed, it also increased your inconsistent behavior and double standards. Your libido was all over the place during most of April and the first half of May. Some days you may have been thinking about getting it on non-stop whomever your latest crush is, and other days you were pushing people away and demanding your solitude.

You’ve learned how to love and make love with greater detachment during Mars in Gemini, but Mars in Cancer will help you infuse sensitivity in your love-making.While Mars in Cancer’s energy is also known for its moodiness, you’ll notice yourself feeling more at ease in your body, and less nervous around your partner(s), crushes or friends with benefits. You’ll be more in tune with what you really want, and less inclined to bend over backwards to please others first. The more you give from an authentic place of wanting to please someone because it actually turns you on, the more you’ll authentically receive, which means that the middle of the month may be very steamy for Scorpios who are boo’d up, mingling, or even those who get caught off guard by either a past lover or a twin flame like connection that comes out of nowhere.

On the 18th, the moment you’ve been waiting for takes place — the Scorpio Full Moon. You’ll feel this energy as early as the 14th, and throughout May 22nd. All eyes will be on you, and many secret admirers will come out of the woodwork around these dates. Toxic sexual relationships may end at this Full Moon, which may make you emotional, but it will ultimately liberate you. If you’ve been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with a crush or past sex partner, you may finally level up and stop playing games once and for all. Admit that you want each other and get it on already!

The month of May will feel passionate and full of strong sexual chemistry. You tend to be a sign of extremes and can be all-or-nothing as a lover, so watch out for obsessive impulses both in and of the bedroom. But ultimately, you can thrive sexually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially, Scorpio. As your professional and spiritual health grows, your sexual health and intimate connections do too. Even if you solely focus on self-pleasure this month, you’ll take yourself to heights you’ve been seeking and craving. Being your own lover will turn both you and others on. They won’t be able to get enough of you, but you’re the one who decides who (if anyone) can have access to you, where, how and when. You’re a sexual powerhouse, Scorpio. Enjoy.