Scorpio January

Happy New Year, Scorpio! With Venus, the Planet of Love, spending its final 7 days in your zodiac sign at the start of the month, you’ll be feeling extra magnetic, sensual, moody, and mysterious. Sex is often on your mind, because it’s a mystical and magical part of the human experience. And when Venus is in your sign, your sex appeal increases immediately, and it almost seems overwhelming because your desire to merge with your significant other, crush, or boo is amplified. On top of that, the first eclipse of 2019 takes place on the 5th. The Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse activates your communication sector, and since Capricorn energy is all about seriousness, commitment and longevity, those are the themes you’ll be seeking in your sex and love life as the month begins. You won’t be in the mood to hit it and quit it, but rather to be completely absorbed in the sexual experience and taken to another world. Watch out though, because the Capricorn Eclipse can lead to you placing so many expectations on other people and even giving into double standards. Between January 5th and 15th, beware of becoming too demanding, clingy or bossy both in and out of bed. Say what you want with passion, but also give your partner(s) room to please you on their own and without emotional manipulation…

Once Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Sagittarius on the 7th, you’ll notice the vibes lightening up and you not being as controlling or anal as before (pun intended). Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, will have also gone direct in Aries on the 6th, activating your health and wellness sector and making you focus on your sexual health — physically, spiritually and emotionally. You’ll be taking time to question what your motives are when you sleep with someone, and how much you feel feel fulfilled by the experience and relationships you’re in. If you’re dating or single, Venus in Sagittarius will be fun for you because it lights up your abundance sector and makes you aware of the variety of humans that are out there for you to talk to, and connect physically with. One thing that may frustrate you from this transit, however, is that people may not dive deeply enough when it comes to discovering who you are outside of your sexual aptitudes. It’ll be clear that you’re sexually attractive, but you’ll want to be appreciated for more than just that. People who minimize your intellectual worth will be an automatic no when it comes to sexual connections — even if they’re very attractive beings.

The Sun shifts out of Capricorn and enters Aquarius on the 20th of January, one day before the legendary Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Something major regarding a sexual connection at work or in a creative project may take place during the final 10 days of the month, and it may completely take you by surprise. For example, you may receive a promotion at work and when going out for drinks you could meet someone who wants to celebrate with you. You’ll have a couple drinks, and next thing you know you’re making out. That’s the type of spontaneous, liberating and daring energy Leo eclipses bring into your life. If you’re in a relationship, think back to what your intentions were sexually around August 11, 2018 — the date of the Leo New Moon. Many of them will manifest around the end of January. You may find that you’ve attracted someone who’s deeply attracted to you, mind, body and soul. Don’t freak out or convince yourself it’s too good to be true. You had to go through the tumultuous and dramatic waters of Venus in Scorpio these past few months in order to realize your worth and sexual powers. They’re now super activated, and they’re getting stronger day by day. This eclipse month will shake up everything, including your relationship to sex and intimacy. Consider it a massive heart and body opener… One that you’ve been craving for quite some time. Indulge in the practice of letting sexual and spiritual ecstasy be a way of life.

The month ends with a harmonious alignment between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Your sector of true love, fate and adventure is activated, and you’ll realize that your high standards and desire to weed out sexual experiences to attract the most meaningful one were well worth the effort and wait. You may manifest a deeply fulfilling sexual and romantic experience on January 31st or the days that surround it, and it’ll be all you can think about. Indulge in the magical energy, and work on keeping that same energy all year long.