Taurus August

With Venus, your ruling planet, now direct in Gemini and Cancer this August 2020, Taurus, you’ll find yourself coming alive sexually, erotically, and magnetically. When Venus was retrograde, it was more challenging for you to show up in your relationships as your most authentic and sexually activated self. You may have pushed people away even if you were horny AF, and you wondered what was up with you and your sexual libido. There was a lot going on inside that world and mind of yours, Taurus, but now that Venus is direct again and switching signs, your sector of communication is activated and you’ll feel more sensitive and loyal in your approach to love. You’ll be able to let your lovers know what you want through sexual innuendos or sultry sexts. You’re being more romantic, and it’s showing.

If you’re single but flirting, this August someone you’ve been flirting with for a while may make it clear that they want to do more than just flirt with you. They want to kiss you, they want to be held by you, they want to feed you, they want you to smack their ass, they want you to come to them / inside them. Wheeewww, and if the feeling’s reciprocal, then you may be blown away by how quickly it’s able to manifest this month when you succumb to vulnerability and stop playing mind games. You won’t get what you want if you don’t own up to what or who you want, babe.

Leo Season activates your sector of home and the roots until August 22nd, so you literally have no excuse to not open up and go after what your heart’s been yearning for. But a part of you may be cautious because of past disappointments and deceptions. If that’s the case, you may want to wait until Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, goes retrograde in your sign on the 15th. Pent-up emotions, frustrations or fears may suddenly find a cathartic release once the retrograde begins, and you’ll realize that a lot of what you were worried about was blown out of proportion. If you pushed away a lover that you really want to jump on top of, call them, let them know you were trippin’, make sure you have their consent, and try again.

Uranus is in your sign for several years, and as the month begins it made a frictional alignment to the Aquarius Full Moon, and that may have you acting up during the first week of the month. One day you may be obsessed with someone and the next you may push them away and run for dear life. What does this mean for your sex life this month, Taurus? You may be feeling hot and cold — one moment you may be feeling horny as can be, and the next you’ll be completely turned off by the idea of sex and intimacy. The best thing you can do is express this to your partner(s) instead of leaving them confused. It’s not them, it’s you. So do what you need to do to get your mind right before engaging in any sexual connections.

With Venus, the Planet of Love, shifting out of Gemini for the first time in four months on the 7th, you’ll start to tap into the more sultry side of your sexuality during Venus’ presence in Cancer, particularly since you’re ruled by Venus. You may find yourself drawn towards Water Signs this month, because they help you feel seen, wanted, and loved on. Just make sure you’re reciprocating that energy too, and diving into the depths of their stormy waters whenever / if ever you decide to have sex. You’ll realize that even though you’re a very physical sign that doesn’t always want to get caught up in their emotions, Venus in Cancer will have you in your feels if you do sexually merge with a lover this month. You can go from hooking up with someone that you thought was a friend-with-benefits, to asking them to commit to you by month’s end!

Uranus has you out here wildin’, both in and out of the bedroom, and this less predictable side of you will only turn you and your lover(s) on more. Keep exploring what’s possible when you break free of previous expectations and view life as a sexual playground. Be clear about your intentions, particularly when the Sun shifts into your fellow Earth sign of Virgo, but don’t be a prude or perfectionist in bed. Have fun and let your wild side emerge as you live in the moment (thanks to Mars in Aries) and satisfy your every desire. It’s what you deserve!