Taurus December

Taurus, the lunar eclipse full moon in Gemini that took place at the end of November activated your sector of security and abundance, so when it comes to sex this month, you’ll have high standards, but no expectations. Yes, truly, none at all. That’s because the combined energy of Sag Season, the Gemini eclipse, and Uranus’ final month being retrograde in your sign is turning you into a completely new being, sexually and personally — one that you’re still discovering day by day. Some relationships may have had to end around this Gemini eclipse, but that’s okay because by the time the Sag New Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on December 14th, and then Venus shifts into Sag on the 15th, you’ll already find yourself attracting new prospects, or rekindling a connection with a lover you thought things were over with, but actually things have transformed with. Sex with past lovers will hit different during this final stretch of Uranus Retrograde — they’ll be able to hit all the spots you need them to hit, and beyond!

If there’s something you’ve been learning since Uranus has been in your sign, Taurus, is that it’s okay to change your mind about what you want. You may find that if last month you were feeling some sort of way about merging with someone, this month you will have re-evaluated your decision. Eclipse season is a period of time when things suddenly shift, and the Gemini eclipse shifted your values of security in your connections. If you had previously ignored or friend-zoned someone who you’re actually deeply attracted to, but that you attempted to place boundaries with because of how strong the attraction was, then this is the month where all of that may shift and you can reach out and have the best sex of the year — even if it’s phone sex!

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Sagittarius on December 1st and lights up your sector of depth and intimacy, allowing you to open up your heart, and your legs, to new people, possibilities, sexual positions, naughty fantasies, and hidden desires. When you combine Mercury in Sag with Venus in Scorpio, you’ll easily be able to vocalize the dirty requests that you previously were keeping in your mind. Your partner(s) will enjoy this more outspoken side of you in bed, and they’ll reciprocate that energy.

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you’ll find yourself coming back down to earth with the Sun in the same element as yours. But that doesn’t mean your sex life will be any less exciting. Jupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius by that time, activating your sector of technology, social networks, and friendships. A plot twist in a friendship could lead to you both playing a game of twister with each other, in a non-platonic way by the end of the month, if you get my stride… Don’t rule out the possibilities of who you’ll end the year on top of, Taurus, because Uranus wants to ride out its retrograde in your sign with a bang, and you’ll be the main recipient of that bang. The key is to accept your sexual blessings and awakenings, even before they fully emerge, with the knowledge that there’s so much more where that came from 😉 Wait ’til you see what awaits in 2021.