Taurus January

Are you ready for a revolution in your sex life this month, Taurus? With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, ending its retrograde in your sign on January 10th, you’ll have no choice but to give into the cosmic signals the Universe is sending your way regarding sex and intimacy. The first 10 days of January correspond with Uranus’ final days retrograde, and it’s therefore normal for you to feel a bit out of it or moody as 2020 begins. You’re learning to listen to your body and its needs more consistently, and that means saying goodbye to situationships that left you feeling drained — even if the sex was bomb.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th coincides with the end of Uranus Retrograde in your sign, and this brings things full circle as you start to feel and love like yourself again. Previous lovers may have thought you had pushed them away or ghosted them, when in reality you just needed some time to yourself to process lust vs. love, the need for connection vs. loneliness, and how to blend passion and pleasure in a way that allows you to accept the fact that there’s nothing you can do to shield yourself from the potential of possibly feeling pain.

This is the month where you learn how to be vulnerable sexually, emotionally and psychologically. Your ruler Venus switches out of the more emotionally detached sign of Aquarius and enters Pisces on January 13th, activating your sector of social networks, friendships, and technology. These are all prominent themes that will intersect with your sexual tendencies this month. You’ll be attracted to people you may have once viewed as friends, but now realize you have a strong sexual synergy with. Coworkers or people you collaborate with creatively will also turn you on immensely, and you may plan secret rendezvous before, during, or after work / social events to explore even more creative forms of collaborating… if you know what I mean.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Sag this month, activating your sector of depth and intimacy. You may find yourself feeling conflicted about whether or not you want to have casual sex. First off, it’s time to release the taboo that often comes with having “casual sex”, and even rephrase that term in the first place. Just because you have sex with someone on the first date does not make you unworthy of it, and it definitely does not mean that the connection will not last.

With Uranus in your sign until 2026, we’re collectively learning that we make the rules, and it’s time to stop letting society make them for us. Most of the time society itself is tired of the rules, Taurus. What you’ll find this month is that you’re over these rules more than ever. If you have wild, orgasmic, mind-blowing sex with someone you met recently, who’s to say you won’t end up marrying them a few years from now? And even if you don’t, because that’s not what you want, who’s to say you can’t fully enjoy the pleasure of having sex while on your belly while getting hit from the back, or being the one penetrating your lover from the back? F*ck the rules, f*ck the outdated expectations, just f*ck this month — with intention and openness, of course. Sex is about to get really fun.

Once the Sun shifts into Aquarius on the 20th, followed by the Aquarius New Moon on the 24th, you’ll understand where all this rebellious energy is coming from, and you’ll be drawn towards having sex with people who are also feeling rebellious and contrarian energy. Unconventional partnerships speak to you this month, Taurus. You may be drawn to partners who you thought you never stood a chance with, and you’ll be blown away when they reveal to you that they never thought they stood a chance with you either. It’s a new decade, a new consciousness, a new reality. The sex life of your dreams is yours if you want it to be. You are the sultriest avatar in this blissful, sexually erotic world. Abracadabra, baby.