Taurus June

Your ruler Venus has been throwing you for a loop these days, Taurus. It’ll end its retrograde on the 24th, which means June 2020 is full of continued spiritual and sexual lessons for you to absorb in order to get to the next level of your life. View this month as a video game that you’re mastering. Don’t get too cocky and think you’re already ahead of everyone. Retrograde season actually wants you to re-route when necessary and think more strategically when it comes to who’s on your team (and on you too while you’re at it).

This month, Taurus, having great sex is going to be correlated to you putting your pride and ego aside and being more honest with yourself and others about who you’re attracted to and why. Your practical side has been trying to sway you in a certain direction these past few months, but now you have no choice but to truly listen to your heart, especially since it’s eclipse season and your sector of depth and intimacy is going to be activated by the Sag eclipse taking place June 5th. If you’ve been ready to shake things up sexually, the Sag energy in the air this month is exactly what you need to get creative, rougher, and more daring in the bedroom.

If you haven’t been able to be physically in touch with someone lately, Venus retrograde may cause you to have withdrawals from intimacy and touch. Indulge in as much self-intimacy as you can, and also connect via the phone and text messages in more erotic ways than you’d usually do. The more you repress your sexual urges, the stronger they become, Taurus. Give into what your body and soul needs to feel fulfilled. Also admit when you’ve been punishing yourself by withdrawing sex or using sex as a form of manipulation in your connections. Ask yourself why…

Gemini Season activates your sector of abundance, so if you’ve been talking to more than one person this season, or if you’re interesting in deepening your bond(s), some of your sexual fantasies may include connecting with more than one person at once, or alternating between partners. How deep would you be willing to go? How much have you limited the extent of your sexual exploration because of your more practical side? Are you fully letting yourself explore?

Venus being retrograde in your abundance sector is going to lead to you reconnecting with past partners, even if it starts off as a casual convo. Chances are things can heat up quite considerably. This is also the case if you’ve been trying to deny your attraction to one or more people. Venus retrograde will have you re-imagining your connection(s), including how much sex you could have together if your pride or ego weren’t stopping you from going for it. Get serious about shooting your sexual shot, Taurus. Understand that people are dreaming about you.

Since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be retrograde in your communication sector starting the 17th, you’ll have to make sure you’re saying what you mean and meaning what you say, particularly in the bedroom. Your aim to please is going to be higher than your aim to be pleased, and that’s because Mercury’s in Cancer, making you more sensitive to your sexual partner’s most raunchy desires — they won’t even have to say anything, you’ll be able to sense what they want simply through eye contact, or through the sound of their moan. You’re one of the most generous signs of the zodiac and you’ll find yourself offering them what they want even before they know how to articulate that they want it. Practice vocalizing your own sexual needs this month, Taurus, particularly after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer has taken place on the 21st. Anything that bores you about your sex life can be transformed with this magical eclipse.

That eclipse will kickstart a six month chapter for you in regards to helping you name your needs. Venus will end its retrograde on the 24th, making the final week of June one of the most romantic, even with Mercury being retrograde. Any confusion you had in regards to romantic or sexual partners will start to clear up a bit during the final week of June, allowing you to engage in sexual connections with a free spirit and more awareness of what and who truly turns you on. Chances are the eclipse will help you embark on a journey of greater vulnerability and transparency. You may allow yourself to be seen by someone in a way that makes them feel deeply attracted to you and your essence. Your connection will feel like the ultimate orgasm.