Taurus March

Your ruler Venus is in Aries as the month begins, Taurus, and this activates your spirituality sector. As much as you’re a sensual sign that loves the physicality of sex, this month’s sensitive energy will lead to you realizing just how spiritual sex can be too. It will almost feel overwhelming, particularly during Pisces Season, because you may manifest a love partnership that’s so strong, that even just looking at each other in the eyes immediately turns you on. Then on March 4th, Venus shifts out of Aries and enters your sign for several weeks. With Venus back at home, activating your sector of self, all eyes and mouths will desire to be on you, even if you may not at first realize it. You’ve been in your own world this Pisces Season, Taurus, but Venus is suddenly shining the spotlight on you and this transit will amp up your sexual magnetism, making it impossible for you to deny what your fantasies are. Go ahead and call bae — or manifest them — and ask them to spank, whip, handcuff, tie and torture you (with consent of course). Your wish is their command… use your powers of tantalization and control wisely.

Once Mercury goes direct in Aquarius on the 9th, and remains in that sign until the 16th, you may find that the second week of March makes you reconsider some of the more extreme decisions you may have taken sexually and emotionally. Perhaps during the retrograde, you told yourself you would remain celibate for months, or you cut someone off that you actually can’t stop fantasizing about and dreaming of. Mercury in Aquarius is your chance to re-evaluate those decisions and make sure they’re aligned with your values, and not simply driven by ego, pride, or a fear of getting hurt. Mercury in Aquarius will help you practice moderation… You can work things out with bae without getting addicted to having them in your life. You can have your orgasms, and your distance too. You can have it all, as long as you take time to reflect on why you want it all in the first place.

The Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 9th as well, activating your sector of fate and true love. Your high standards can either lead to you manifesting a partner that you’ve visualized and made room for these past six months or alternatively it can lead to you being blind to the connections that really serve you, because of a set of arbitrary expectations you may have imposed onto lovers. Make sure that you’re not so focused on getting your partner to meet your high expectations that you ignore the ones who have been patiently waiting for you to give them a chance. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, has been direct in your sign since the start of the year, helping you realize times when you stood in the way of your own sexual bliss, due to your fears of truly letting people see, know and enter you fully.

This Full Moon is asking you to release those fears so that you can experience the sexual ecstasy you deserve, with a partner who sees, respects, and knows you. It’s possible, Taurus, and it doesn’t have to be something you have to make constant sacrifices for or that you have to put off until later. Let this Full Moon end the chapter of you feeling inadequate or you torturing yourself before you succumb to pleasure.

Mid-month, Mercury’s shift back into Pisces activates your sector of tech, so someone may slide into your DMs out of the blue, or you may get introduced to someone new via your social network. The connection may feel super strong and magnetic, because Pisces has all-consuming energy, and now that Mercury is direct you’re able to trust your intuitive longings without second-guessing yourself. There’s no harm in flirting, connecting, and even making love with this individual during Mercury in Pisces, which will last until April. The key is to not start making a story about what this connection is going to morph into — take it for what it is, moment by moment, rather than trying to create a long-term love story out of it when maybe it’s simply meant to be something you embrace in the present moment, with no expectations and no strings attached…

Once Aries Season and the astro new year begins on the 19th, followed by Saturn’s shift out of Capricorn and into Aquarius for the first time in 29 years on the 21st, you’ll find it easier to chill out from psychoanalyzing your connections, and you’ll allow your more daring, unpredictable, and sexually liberated side to come out and play. You may find yourself on dating apps with less apprehension, and your open-mindedness can lead to you matching with people who are equally passionate about love and life as you are. Even the connections you don’t take that seriously have the potential to be more intense than what meets the eye, and the thoughts of you two connecting in a raw, intimate way will not be as scary as it may have once been. The Aries New Moon on the 24th activates your spirituality and healing sector, allowing you to adopt an abundance-based mentality when it comes to sex and being fully present in the experience. The final week of the month is likely going to take your entire sex game to a whole new stratosphere.