Taurus October

Your love and sex life will heat up considerably this month, Taurus. Get prepared for some of your wildest fantasies to be well within your reach. But it’s up to you to do something about that, no one else is going to do it for you. Venus, your ruling planet, spends the first week of October in the sign of Libra before switching into mysterious Scorpio for the rest of the month. You’re going to go from feeling more light-hearted about sex and intimacy to feeling very passionate, driven and riled up during Venus in Scorpio.

Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Libra on October 4th, keeping the energy of Libra Season going strong for several weeks. You may, therefore, vacillate from moments of wanting to be super connected to your current crush or partner, and moments of seeking your independence and freedom from any form of monogamy or commitment. Nothing about you and your sexual desires is the same as they were at the start of the year, Taurus. That’s largely due to Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, spending the past six months in your sign, and currently being retrograde in Taurus until January 2020. You are transforming at rapid speed, which means the things that once turned you on may no longer strike as much interest in you now.

The same goes for your friendships and relationships. You may just not be as into someone as you previously were, and that’s okay. The opposite may be true — you may go from having friend-zoned someone to being wildly obsessed with them, and not knowing what to do with all that passion. If the opportunity presents itself to connect sexually with someone who’s been on your mind and making you hot and bothered, then say yes and trust yourself as you have fun, Taurus.

The Aries Full Moon on the 13th of October activates your healing and spirituality sector, and you may start to realize times when you were too focused on pleasing your partner and not focused enough on asserting your own needs. You may be placing too much of an emphasis on how they view you as a sexual partner, and this can lead to you disconnecting with how you view yourself. If you can, take a self-care day around this Full Moon, and make sure self-pleasure and time being intimate on your own is prioritized. There’s no need to explain yourself to others — let your actions speak for themselves. The more you put yourself first, the more those who want to be sexually connected with you will respect your boundaries and become even more attentive to what your needs are. It’s a win-win. Don’t compromise yourself or your values just because the sex got you in a haze. Focus, Taurus. Focus.

Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Scorpio on the 8th, and when combined with the start of Scorpio Season the 23rd it will have you thinking about love and relationships more than anything else this month. Even if your career is exciting you (or making you nervous due to the unexpected twists and turns that keep occurring), what you’ll truly be passionate about is making sure your heart feels happy. Venus in Scorpio energy makes you more romantic, sensual, passionate, obsessive and possessive.

Make sure that you’re not being too dominant in bed. Clearly express when you want to be smacked, choked, bitten, or told to go harder, softer, stronger. If you want to hear your name being whispered in your ear, lead by example and whisper your lover’s name in theirs. Mmmm the sexual tension will be evident and ooze from your pores, making you a magnet for desire.Just be aware of this forceful energy, especially once the New Moon in Scorpio takes place on the 27th and Mercury retrograde begins the 31st. Be careful what you wish for when it comes to manifesting bomb sex — it may occur more quickly than you expected, and once it arrives, it will come all at once. Just the way you like it.