Taurus October

Taurus, your planetary ruler Venus shifts out of Leo on October 2nd and enters Virgo until the 27th. You may find that your sexual desires go from being super activated, to being more subdued. That doesn’t mean you won’t be having sex or won’t be turned on — but it does mean you’ll be much more selective and perhaps even antisocial as the month of October begins, particularly due to the influence of the Aries Full Moon kicking off the month on October 1st.

This full moon activates your sector of spirituality, so some Taurus’ may have been practicing abstinence or celibacy for most of the year, and it’s around the beginning of October that you’ll realize just how much of an effect it’s had on your physical and spiritual health. If you feel like you’ve evolved quite a bit due to taking a break from sexually merging with others, this full moon you may receive an awakening that tells you it’s time to let your lover(s) in again, or to call them in through manifestation practices where you get super clear on what you want. Venus’ presence in Virgo is here to help you do so.

But Taurus, make sure that you’re not solely focused on the type of sexual and romantic partner you want this month — put the energy out there regarding the type of lover and bomb sex partner you also will be, in your most ideal world. How many times will you make your lover cum and scream your name? How many remnants of nail scratches will be visible on their back? Hickies, anyone? Just because Venus is in Virgo doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling prudish this month — you’ll just focus more on the details of the sexual bliss you and your lover(s) decide to feel.

If you’re riding solo and don’t feel like sex is in the cards for you, think again around the Libra New Moon October 16th. Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love, so this is one of the most powerful new moons for setting love and sex-related intentions. One caveat though: Mercury, the Planet of Communication, and Mars, the Planet of Action, will both be retrograde this month, in the signs of Scorpio and Aries respectively. You may not be feeling as direct, aggressive or even desired as usual with Mercury and Mars being retrograde, but it’s all in your head Taurus. Before trying to connect with another person sexually or emotionally, spend time around the Libra New Moon hyping your own self up in front a mirror, or creating a very sensual sexual haven in your bedroom. The more intimately you connect with yourself and activate your sexual aura, the more of a magnet you’ll become for the sex and intimacy you desire from others. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too.

But what if you’ve denied yourself the ability to receive and give pleasure, Taurus? That’s the question you’ll start asking yourself during the second half of October, when Mercury Retrograde shifts into Libra, and Venus, your planetary ruler also shifts into Libra on the 27th. You’ll realize around your annual Taurus Full Moon on the 31st that you’ve been your own cockblock in more ways than one, and the key to really feeling sexually satisfied is to let go of all the reasons why it might not be the “right” time, place, experience, etc… Hush, and let love in. Dive into the penetrating waters of Scorpio Season as the month ends, and let yourself come alive again by the abundance of pleasure pouring into and around you. This is just the beginning.