Taurus November

Taurus, last month’s Taurus Blue Moon shook you to the core, and everyone who was in your orbit is currently shook as well. This month, Scorpio Season continues to activate your partnership sector, and the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th kickstarts a six-month period of sensuality, passion and profound drama in your love and sex life. If you’ve friend-zoned someone that you’re actually in love with, or they’ve friend-zoned you and they’re actually in love with you, this is the month where you can both mature and let each other know how much you wish you were on top of each other. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is retrograde in your sign until January 2021, teaching you to re-evaluate the sexual and emotional decisions you’ve been making these past few months, and make sure that your ego isn’t cockblocking your pleasure. Get out of your own way, my love.

By the time the Scorpio New Moon strikes on the 15th, your sector of partnership will be at its peak, and you may feel ready to merge with someone who loves you, flaws and all. If you’re already in a committed partnership that feels fulfilling, prepare to have some of the best lovemaking sessions of the year during the weekend of the Scorpio New Moon, especially during the dark-of-the-moon period from November 13th – November 15th. This is a period where you simply cannot deny yourself the experiences that have been occurring in your fantasies. You might as well invite your lover(s) to join in on the fun! Their own deepest desires will have surfaced and they’re likely to take the lead in getting you to take off their clothes and explore their body.

Mars, the Planet of Action, will have ended its retrograde on the 13th, and since Mars rules our sex lives, you’re likely to feel reawakened by its shift direct, and both you and your partners will notice just how “up” you are. When Mars is direct in Aries, it activates your sector of spirituality and encourages you to cut off all connections that feel “so-so”. You want passion or nothing at all.

One week later, on the 21st, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius and activates your sector of depth and intimacy. You’ll be in the mood to be more adventurous and spontaneous in your sex life, especially as we get closer to Venus’ shift into Scorpio. How can you switch up your foreplay so that you and your partner(s) feel more stimulated and activated by each other’s erotic exchanges? Sag season will encourage you to vocalize what your kinks are. You may be in the mood to explore BDSM or alternative ways of pleasing each other — just make sure to do so in a safe and mutually consensual way.

The most explosive time to have sex this month will be around the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place November 30th. You’ll feel its effects as early as November 23rd, activating your sector of abundance and security. If you’ve been in a situationship these past six months and you’ve been wanting greater transparency about what’s next for you, this is the eclipse that will either make or break your connection. Even if it ends, it’s likely to end with bomb break-up sex, the type that leaves you and your partner both crying and laughing from passion and mutual attraction. Choose to end the month without taking yourself or your connections too seriously. Just let your body take the lead and let you know what it wants, and who it wants it with. Your sex life is about to skyrocket this eclipse season, so you might as well strap up and prepare.