Taurus October

Welcome to October, Taurus. This month will rock your world, largely due to Venus, the Planet of Love, spending all month in Scorpio. This activates your partnership sector, and the fact that Venus goes retrograde on the 5th means that no matter how much you may want to, you won’t be able to run from matters of the heart. Your sexual energy will be emphasized, and your ability to get to the root of important sexual and emotional matters will also increase. This may have you in your feels all month long, as you analyze repeating patterns in your relationships.

Venus retrograde can lead to blasts from the pasts, so don’t be surprised if past flings, exes, affairs, or love interests come from out of the woodwork this month. You may not immediately know how to react, but one tip is to avoid being too extreme in your decision-making. That means that you shouldn’t immediately shut them out of your life as soon as you see them, but you also should be wary before engaging with them sexually. Hear them out, figure out why they’re back and what their intentions are. See if both of you have evolved and are able to merge sexually in a way that’s not triggering or confusing. For Taurus’ in a relationship, Venus retrograde in your partnership sector can lead to you and your boo finally hashing out some unresolved misunderstandings in your relationship. You must clear the air in order to feel sexually connected to your partner. It is possible that you’ll get in arguments or disagreements during Venus Retrograde though — but the Universe wants you to find peaceful solutions to your problems rather than resorting to blaming each other or becoming vengeful. With the intense and passionate Scorpio energy, your arguments can often be followed by steamy make-up sex, and it can be hard to distinguish reality from fantasy under this elusive influence.

Luckily, three days after Venus Retrograde begins, the New Moon in Libra helps lighten up the mood significantly. New Moons have a 10-day window when it comes to activating a fresh start in your life, and this New Moon takes place in your sector of health and wellness. Practically speaking, the dates of October 8 – October 18 are great for checking up on your sexual and physical health. If you’ve felt worn out or exhausted lately, you may want to engage in some therapeutic activities. Get your partner to give you a relaxing massage, or give them one, and all that intimate touch and sensuality could get you both quite riled up and ready to tear each other’s clothes off. Libra is the sign of romance and relationship, and both you and Libra are ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love, so you will enjoy this harmonious energy and it’ll help you let out your more romantic qualities. Mid-October is perfect for taking your sex partner out on a date and amping up the foreplay in the bedroom. If you’re single, use this New Moon to set intentions about where you’d like to be six months from now. Be specific and clear, and don’t let past pain hold you back from dreaming big and believing in your ability to attract a partner who gets you, loves you, and sexually fulfills you. This month is about reconditioning your mind to let go of limiting beliefs that prevent you from feeling sexually liberated or fully satisfied.

Once Scorpio Season begins on October 23, followed by your annual Full Moon in Taurus on October 24, you will feel like a brand new person and you will have learned the tough lessons necessary for you to celebrate your sex life with ease, passion, and intensity. The Scorpio energy will be so palpable, and when combined with a Full Moon in your sign, all eyes will be on you. Your ability to get what you want will increase significantly. This is the time to let your sex partner exactly what you want them to do to you, and to show them what you want to do to them. Your sexual urges will be super strong, and some people may even be intimidated by your palpable sex drive. But those who don’t fear you will want you more than ever, and you’ll enjoy this attention. This Full Moon is connected to the New Moon in Taurus that took place on May 15, 2018, so you may find that whichever sexual partner(s) were in your life at that time are still in your life now — but this time, the connection is stronger and more magnetic than ever. Way to end the month strong!