Taurus September

Taurus, now that your planetary ruler Venus is in Leo for a few weeks for most of this month, a more fiery and spontaneous side of you emerges as a lover and sexual partner. You’re ready to claim your sexual desires and express them to people who don’t fear your intensity. The Pisces Full Moon at the beginning of the month helped you tap into your more subconscious needs — the type of sexual fantasies that may typically exist in your dreams. It’s likely that your latest crush or current lover is on your mind quite intensely this month, and you’re doing your best to keep your cool. But now that Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, is direct in Capricorn in your sector of expansion, you’re being asked to stop playing mind games and start increasing the amount of sexual play you indulge with — intentionally and with passion of course.

This month’s Virgo New Moon on September 17th activates your sector of pleasure, fate and true love — it makes you a more adventurous lover. You may be in the mood to have sex outdoors, fully naked in the grass or on the beach. Virgo energy connect you back to the essence of things; the more primal, raw, erotic side of you and your lover(s) may emerge during the 3rd week of September, and since Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is in its final weeks retrograde, you may find that your previous position on sex and intimacy suddenly transforms during the second half of the month. If before you had strict rules about who you have sex with, how often, or why, the Virgo New Moon and Capricorn energy in the air will encourage you to re-think those rules or the roles in which you previously partook, and bend towards giving yourself more freedom.

This desire for rule-breaking may be expressed in the bedroom — if you’re usually the one who takes charge in bed, you may in the mood for role-play, and you’ll command your partner to be the one who calls the shots. And if you’re usually the more passive sexual lover, there’s something about the combo of Mars retrograde in Aries and Jupiter direct in Capricorn that can lead to a more firecracker energy combusting out of you, and straight into your lover’s soul.

Keep in mind that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise and Revolution, is currently retrograde in your sign too — that’s why so much about you has been changing rapidly these past few months. Take time during the final half of the month to check in with who you are now, and what you want now. If there are moments when you’re not craving sex as much (which is normal with Mars Retrograde encouraging us to look inward), make sure you’re expressing it to your partner(s) so that they don’t take things personally. Also know that you can get creative with how you express yourself sexually, Taurus. Writing a naughty sexual paragraph or a leaving trail of sensual love notes can turn bae on just as quickly, if not more, than your go-to activator. Shower or bath sex, spooning in the morning, and erotic nudes are the types of sexual exchanges you’ll be craving this month — ask and you shall receive.