Taurus September

Oh, Taurus. Your sex and love life have been a wild rollercoaster ever since Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, has gone retrograde in your sign on August 11. While externally everything may appear to be moving along per usual, within yourself you are having profound realizations about what your true sexual and emotional needs are. This month is about resetting your sex life. Whether you’re bored, antsy, sexually insatiable, or fully satisfied and wanting to shout your joy from the rooftops, the key to being in tune with your sexual needs is to begin by admitting them to yourself. What truly turns you on? What completely turns you off? Often with you it’s not only a matter of physical connection, but your partner’s overall vibe, passion (or lack there of), and spirituality. Uranus Retrograde in Taurus makes you more aware of what intuitively feels “off”. Speak on it, don’t resist the friction that comes with uncomfortable truths. Sometimes it’s once you’ve gotten it off your chest that your sex drive naturally increases, because you’ve freed yourself from your own limitations.

The Virgo New Moon that took place at the start of the month is gently guiding you to open up in terms of fate, true love, and admitting just how strong your sex drive can be. If you’ve felt restless or antsy lately, ask yourself when was the last time you’ve indulged in a good old-fashioned session of self-pleasure? Consciously taking time to make sure your own sexual needs are met is a big part of your sexual and emotional wellness, Taurus. Instead of overworking yourself, find ways to relaaaaxxxx — buy a sex toy, watch something that turns you on, write your crush a naughty letter… Let loose in any way you can. And set intentions around how you can cultivate this form of self-care in everything you do.

With Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, retrograde in your sector of self until January 2020, you’re going through radical physical and emotional changes, and this can make your sex life a bit of a rollercoaster. Some days this month you’ll find yourself extra horny and sexually stimulated, and other days you won’t want anyone to be near you and you’ll feel really moody and irritable. Instead of taking everything out on others, you’ll have to spend more time figuring out what your triggers are, why they may be appearing in your relationships, and how you can best own that without projecting things onto your partnerships. It may be wise for you to take a break from dating or connecting sexually until you feel at ease within yourself. You’re very sensitive during Uranus Retrograde, and at times you may not know how to best deal with all that angst, so slow your roll until you do.

Once the Full Moon in Pisces takes place on the 14th, you’ll find that your sector of technology, social networks and friendships is activated. If you met someone online or via your social network around the Pisces New Moon in March 2019, chances are that your relationship is reaching a major turning point around this Full Moon. Either you’ll go from being friends with benefits to being exclusive, or you’ll choose to end the relationship / situationship and move on. Emotions and sexual tension will be running high at this time, making break-up or make-up sex very much a possibility. Just make sure you’re not using sex as a form of escapism… With Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, also retrograde in the sign of Pisces, it may be tempting to get lost in a fantasy and ignore reality. Trust the signs that you’re receiving from your partner(s) — don’t ignore any repetitive red flags that your subconscious picks up on. 

Your ruler Venus enters Libra on the 14th, along with Mercury, the Planet of Communication. Then 4 days later, Saturn ends its retrograde in your fellow Earth sign of Capricorn. You will notice an immense boost to your mood and to your career once Saturn goes direct, and as things improve professionally you’ll start to make more room for things to improve sexually and emotionally too. Having sex with you after Saturn is direct will be a completely different experience than it was when Saturn was retrograde — you’ll be less stressed, and more in the present moment, allowing your legendary Taurus passion to come through and wow your boo(s). Keep that energy strong once Libra Season begins on the 23rd — that’ll make up for your inconsistencies during the first third of the month, and have your partner(s) begging you for more.