Taurus May

It’s your birthday season for the first three weeks of May, Taurus. So birthday sex is on the horizon if you want it to be. Even if your birthday’s already passed, you’ll be celebrating all season long, and there’s no reason to limit what you can manifest sexually and romantically. With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, now settled in your zodiac sign until 2026, you are one of the most sought-after signs of the zodiac. You must not be a hermit or push people away this month. This is the time to let your bolder and more daring sexual nature come through. Use the energy of both Mercury, Planet of Communication, and Venus, your ruling planet of love, being in Aries until the 15th, to do things you never thought you’d do, especially in bed. Risk-taking and pushing the limits is advised, as long as it’s consensual of course. If you’ve been fantasizing about things secretly, use the boldness of Venus and Mercury in Aries, combined with the adventurousness of Mars in Gemini to shoot your shot and let people see a side of you they’re not necessarily used to.

The second half of the month has a significantly different vibe once Mars enters sensitive Cancer, and Venus, your ruling planet, joins the Sun and enters your sign. All of a sudden you may go from being wildly uninhibited and unpredictable as a lover to seeking more clarity, consistency, and long-term commitment in your relationships, especially the sexual ones. Anyone who is sexually engaged with you must understand that now that Uranus is in your sign, nothing about you is predictable or makes sense. This may feel weird to both you and others, because Taurus is often deemed the most predictable sign of the zodiac. But your newfound spontaneity is something that both you and your partner(s) are getting used to, and it actually makes things pretty exciting in bed! During the second half of the month, you’ll be focused on quality over quantity. You’ll take your time when making love, making sure the foreplay truly satisfies all parties. You’ll make sure that your partner is pleased to the fullest, while not being shy about what your own needs and requests are. People will find you to be irresistible with Venus in your sign, and it may also lead you to think about sex more often.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th of May activates your partnership sector. A relationship matter that began about six months ago may come to culmination around this Full Moon. Perhaps you’ll realize that you’ve had an obsessive relationship with someone, and even though the sex is good you need to give each other some space to be individuals and not get consumed in the relationship. With all this Taurus energy in the cosmos, it’s also likely that a past sexual partner will hit you up around the Scorpio Full Moon, seeking to reconnect with you. While it may be tempting to make impulsive decisions, wait until the 22nd before doing anything drastic. Take time to trust your body’s signals. Sometimes when your body is turned on or drawn to someone, it’s because your souls want to merge and profoundly connect. And other times it’s just because you’re horny or ovulating… It’s up to you to use your powers of discernment and know the difference.

Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s this month. With the Sun, Venus and Uranus all in your sign in the latter half, you have all it takes to manifest deeply satisfying birthday sex, with the type of beyond satisfying energy that lasts throughout the year. Just don’t get in your own way, doubting or second-guessing your attractiveness or your ability to get what you want. Make bold, sexy moves and claim your desires all month long. “What you seek is seeking you…”