Virgo April

You may still be shook by what you manifested last month, Virgo, when you experienced your annual Full Moon in your sign. The month of April 2020 is all about getting used to your blessings, particularly the sexual or romantic ones, even if they’ve arrived in a different form or package than you were previously anticipating. Now that it’s Aries Season, your sector of depth and intimacy is activated, meaning that you’re turned on by people who are bold, confident, and aren’t afraid to tell you if they want you to smack their ass or pin them to the bed. Most people underestimate just how much of a freak you can be, Virgo. People got a taste of it during Pisces Season when your relationship and marriage sector was activated by the soaking wet waters of the Sun and your ruler Mercury in Pisces. This month they’re about to see when fantasy and action combine…

Mercury remains in Pisces until the 11th, so your mind will still be full of dirty thoughts and desires, and you might as well act on them, particularly around the Libra Full Moon on April 7th which activates your sector of abundance and security. You feel the most turned on and wanted when someone lets you know how they feel about you, and when they don’t leave you in the dark about where they see things going. Libra energy is a more light-hearted and jovial vibe though, so try not to c*ck block your own pleasure by being a perfectionist about your relationships or having overly demanding standards and expectations.

Adaptability is key to sexual and emotional bliss for you this month. If you’re stuck inside with bae, play different board games with them, but add a sexual twist. 21 Questions, Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, and Hide and Seek can all be more sexy than usual during these quarantine times. Even if they have to take place virtually. Step out of your comfort zone for the sake of your sexual satisfaction. As the sign of service, it’ll turn you on to see others turned on too, so don’t hide the fact that you love to please and be pleased. Own it. Mars, the Planet of Action, is in airy Aquarius all month long, and it’ll feel so refreshing to experience this more intellectual energy after six weeks of you being way too hard on yourself and your lover(s) during Mars in Capricorn. This Mars transit activates your sector of health and service, making you more likely to pay attention to some of the unique sexual inclinations your current or prospective partner(s) have. They may feel too shy or awkward to share these fantasies with you,but your observant ass will figure it out anyways and will most likely surprise them by pleasing them in a way they thought was a secret. Just make sure you’re also getting your guilty, secret or hidden pleasures met too, Virgo baby. Give, receive. Give, receive. Emphasis on the receiving part.

Once Taurus Season begins on the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd, your sector of communication is activated, and your more rough, earthly and physically-oriented energy comes out. Virgos who have been seeking to fully experience an erotic adventure may plant the seed around the Taurus New Moon at the end of April, and whatever they ask for or give themselves permission to receive is likely to manifest in full form within the next six months.

Be patient with yourself if your sex or love life hasn’t been as heated or consistently popping as you would like, Virgo. With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, also in Taurus until 2026, you’re realizing that you yourself can be more inconsistent than usual when it comes to self-expression, so you may find out around this New Moon that some of your admirers, exes, or potential lovers are left out in the cold, feeling completely uncertain about what you really want, or if you even want them at all. It’s up to you to open up and say it like it is. You can only receive what you’re courageous enough to ask for, my friend.

Pluto, the Planet of Transformation and Hidden Desires, begins its five-month retrograde in Capricorn on the 25th, and you will feel its pre-shadow period all month long. This activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure, Virgo. What does this mean for your love life these next five months? You’ll have to re-evaluate some of the sexual and romantic decisions you made — or did not make — ever since Pluto’s been direct these past seven months. How much have you been repressing your own needs, particularly what you need to feel sexually liberated? Pluto Retrograde is here for you to journey within the depths of your own subconscious, getting in tune with your body and its pleasure points in the process.

It’s up to you to decide if you’d like to invite your crush, lover, or someone you feel at ease revealing your sexual intentions to, along this ride and sexual wonderland adventure with you. It’s actually likely to be more fun if you don’t entirely push people away, and if you embrace your own vulnerabilities, awkwardness or insecurities in the process.

Virgo, this is the month where you put less pressure on yourself to be perfect in your relationships and connections. If you repress what you want, you’ll end up feeling supremely sexually frustrated, and this can lead to you burning bridges or lashing out at people/partners who otherwise would be here to bring you the pleasure you deserve. If you’ve been hurt, are still healing, and may harbor resentment, the best thing you can do is admit that to yourself instead of keeping it under a facade. Vulnerability is sexy, and it doesn’t have to be connected to weakness.Make this the month where you can get emotionally naked, and that simply intensifies the bliss you feel when you get physically bare too.