Virgo August

You’ve been playing it safe when it comes to your sex and love life, Virgo. You know you can have it all, you low-key want to have it all, but you’ve been giving yourself crumbs here and there, trying to make yourself “earn” the sex life or lover of your dreams. This is the month where you put an end to that way of living and loving, Virgo. Why wouldn’t you let yourself experience the greatest bliss possible? Even if you don’t yet think it’s a reality, why not at least gift yourself the possibility to dream it into existence? These are the types of questions you — and some of your potential / current partners — will be asking you this month. As the sign of minimalism, why are you making things so complicated?

To be fair, your ruler Mercury was retrograde last month, and now that it’s out of its shadow period and we’re approaching your birthday season, you’re feeling more sure of what you want sexually, emotionally, and in life in general. Mercury’s shift out of Cancer on the 4th and entrance into Leo activates your sector of spirituality and healing, so this month you may be into the type of sex that takes you to new dimensions. The passionate and erotic energy of Leo Season could have you wanting to be spanked, choked, handcuffed, and tied down. But the soothing vibes of Venus’ entrance into Cancer on the 7th will have you ultra selective when it comes to who gets to activate and experience your ultra freaky Virgo side. This is a month where many people want you (sometimes in silence and from behind the scenes), but only a select few get access to you…

Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, and on the 15th it begins a five-month retrograde in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus. This activates your sector of expansion and adventure, and you may decide to think back to some of your most riveting sexual experiences and have a trip down memory lane. If you’re currently with the same partner that you experienced bomb sex with, both of you may feel tempted to keep the fireworks going during Uranus’ retrograde, and you’ll try out the positions that you did when you were in the beginning stages of your relationship, and give them a unique new twist. Be prepared to be mindblown, and have other parts of your body orally blown too.

If you’re riding solo or aren’t currently as sexually fulfilled as you’d like, the Leo New Moon on the 18th is ideal for setting intentions and dreaming up how you can manifest the ideal sex partner(s) who understand what you need simply by looking into your eyes. They’re definitely out there, and since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, is currently in Pisces activating your partnership sector, the changes are high that they’re seeking you and want to feel you all up on them too. Your manifestation powers are deepening as your season approaches, Virgo, so this isn’t the time to be too prideful or skeptical to believe in love. Make a sex playlist, a vision board, gift yourself a new sex toy.

Leo Season taught you how to be your own lover, first and foremost, and once Virgo Season begins on the 22nd, you’re coming alive like never before. Whoever is the lucky suitor who gets to have sex with you, or even have the privilege of basking in your presence, during the first eight days of Virgo Season, will end up consumed by your tantalizing energy. With your ruler Mercury in Cancer, oral sex will be on your mind, 69, and more intimate, super freaky sexual positions. Whips, handcuffs, blowjobs, hand jobs, outdoor sex, car sex, laundry room sex, kitchen sex, bathroom sex… Your mind is expansive when the Sun’s in your sign, and you’re not at all as innocent as you may outwardly appear. Rawwwrrrr.