Virgo December

Virgo, with your ruler Mercury entering fiery Sag as the month begins, you’re about to show your bae(s) a side of you they may have been dreaming of, but afraid to fully ask for, because they didn’t know if you had it in you. You may not have even known you had it in you, but wow — everyone’s about to be blown away, literally and figuratively, by your sexual prowess this month. The lunar eclipse in Gemini that took place at the end of November will permeate through the cosmos for the first two weeks of December, and since it’s activating your sector of reputation, meaning that you’ll be feeling reborn and you’ll want to engage with lovers who want to dive into your rebirth too, without fear. That’s right, Virgo. This final month of 2020 changes the game for you sexually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

With Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy and Illusion, now direct in Pisces for the next 7 months, your partnership sector is about to be lit up and you’ll find that you gain more clarity about what you do and don’t want from your relationships, and what you do and don’t want done to your body. Suddenly you’ll feel less nitpicky or insecure, especially as we approach the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 14th, which lights up your sector of roots and domesticity. Even if you’re homebound during most of this month, you’ll be horny AF and easily turned on by the attention you receive from yourself or others, Virgo. Indulging in mirror play — like in the visual for Love Mantra by Dossé-Via (check it out, you’ll feel deeply inspired) — will help you feel more intimately connected to yourself and your sensuality this month, even before thinking of connecting with someone else. The more you love on yourself, especially the parts of yourself you once viewed as unworthy, the sexier you’ll feel in your body, mind and soul, and you’ll find that people that once may have been too intimidated to approach you will suddenly have the confidence to let you know that they want to tear your clothes off. Sag Season brings out a wilder, unpredictable side to you and your lover(s), and you’re here for it!

The month gets increasingly hotter once Venus shifts into Sag on the 15th, and once Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius on the 17th and 19th. Because you will be more focused on taking care of your physical health, your sexual stamina and intensity will increase too, meaning that whoever’s lucky enough to merge with you will probably be out of breath after the first round. Your ruler Mercury will be in Sagittarius until the 20th, which means you won’t be overthinking things sexually like you may be used to. You’ll be focused on fully immersing yourself in the sexual experience, and that means saying yes to things you previously would’ve been too afraid or prudish to try. Another part of you is coming alive, which means there’s a lot more sexual ecstasy and wildly intoxicating sexual and emotional experiences that await in 2021 and beyond. The question is, is the world ready for the passions you’re about to reveal? We ‘bout to see.