Virgo January

Virgo, how much have you been honest about the type of sex you’re really craving in this new decade? We’re not talking the cookie-cutter version of sex, but rather the raw, primal, uninhibited side of you that’s been dying to emerge and be explored. You’ve played it safe romantically and sexually in 2019, and often for good reason as many Virgos were still working on healing from past wounds, especially with Chiron retrograde in Aries the final few months of 2019. But now that Chiron is direct, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer takes place on the 10th, and Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, also goes direct the 10th, you’re awakening to a whole new perspective on pleasure, passion and power. You feel more powerful when you know exactly what (or who) you want, and when you’re unafraid to express it.

This month, you’ll find yourself drawn to people who intrigue you and who aren’t your usual type. The weirder the connection initially appears, the more turned on you may be. That’s largely due to Uranus, Planet of Surprise, ending its five-month retrograde in Taurus on the 10th — the same day as the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer. With Uranus being direct in Virgo’s sector of expansion and long journeys, you’ll find yourself in the mood to experiment, watch erotic films, read sex books, enact sexual fantasies, flirt more, and open up to new connections too. It may be Capricorn Season, but Uranus is helping you give into more unpredictable sexual scenarios, and even actively seek them out.

Once Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, enters Pisces on the 13th, your sector of partnership and marriage is activated for several weeks. Whewww, chile. No matter how much you may have tried to downplay your sexual fantasies during the first half of the month, you won’t be able to deny how horny you are during Venus in Pisces! It’s the horniest time of year for you, Virgo. And since Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Sagittarius and activating your sector of roots and values, you’re realizing that one of your values this year has to do with being your fully liberated self. And your fully sexually liberated self has sex when they want, with who they want (with consent of course), as much as they want, wherever they want, and whichever way they want. Period.

Spoon your lover and intertwine your legs. Wake them up with head. Receive a full-body massage from them. Let yourself be spoiled and taken care of this month, Virgo. You’ve spent so much of your energy taking care of your lover — it’s okay to be like, “it’s my turn, now… I’m the captain now.” Venus in Pisces will take you and your chosen partner(s) to sensual and sexual depths that usually are only reserved for your dreams and your journal. You’ll be shook as you see fantasies manifest into tangible, sweaty, addicting realities. It’ll feel a bit challenging to focus on more mundane tasks at work when you’ll be able to feel the pulse in your sexual organs. Maybe it’s a sign that you’ve focused on work enough… Find a balance between work and pleasure this month, Virgo. Play hooky if you need to. If you’re an entrepreneur, invite your lover to come reward you after completing an important goal… Have them lick and tantalize you as they congratulate all your accolades. Return the favor, only if you’re in the mood.

Once Aquarius Season begins the 24th, your sector of health and service is activated, and you may find yourself feeling more introspective and observant of people who are in your sexual and romantic vortex. You’ll feel more scrutinizing of your lovers’ intentions, but also more detached from your expectations. This is a good thing. The Aquarius New Moon the 24th will show you just how beautiful the art of intentional detachment can be. Just when you think your sex life has calmed down and that you’ll be an introvert for the rest of the month, an incredibly alluring opportunity to merge intellectually, spiritually and physically with a twin flame will manifest before your eyes. This isn’t likely to be a short-term fling, either. Release your need to know what will come from it, and just focus on cumming from it…