Virgo June

This month you’ll have to ask yourself what you’ve been denying yourself in sex, and in life, Virgo. Your ruler Mercury will undergo his second retrograde of 2020 this month, starting June 17th. You’ll already feel the shadow period as soon as the month begins, and since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, will also go retrograde this month in your sector of partnership, you’ll want to slow your roll when it comes to making any major sexual and emotional decisions in June. It’s also eclipse season, and while you may not be the biggest fan of surprises, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be experiencing quite your share of twists and turns, both in and out of the bedroom.

Retrograde season can bring out your shadow side, and this can make your sex life more intriguing because you’re more likely to dig deep and penetrate your partner’s consciousness, even through the foreplay that you indulge in with them. This month, you’ll find yourself seeking intoxicating sexual experiences, whether they’re in person on through very detailed and visuallyenticing messages, pictures, poems, or pornos. You’re willing to look into and experiment with kinks that you previously denied yourself, and if you’re single and dating you may even attract a partner that’s as naughty as you are — and who isn’t afraid to admit it!

The Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5th activates your sector of roots, the home, and domesticity. It’s likely that if you’ve been feeling stuck or unhappy in a relationship or situationship, this is the eclipse that will finally free you from it. It might not necessarily mean that the relationship will drastically end. It might mean that you might finally let your partner know if you’re not feeling as sexually or emotionally satisfied as you’d wish. Eclipses bring everything out into the open, so once they know the truth, you both will have two choices: either you evolve together and find ways to boost your sex life and your intimacy to each other, or you repeat the same situation over and over again, leaving your sex life feeling dull and boring.

If your relationship does end during the eclipse or the weeks that follow, there may be a part of you that may want to lash out and let your wilder, more dangerous Virgo side emerge in retaliation. There’s no right or wrong way to heal from a break-up — you may even seek to have break-up sex with your partner before officially calling it quits. Just make sure it’s coming from a sincere place and not because you’re trying to hold on to something that you’ve outgrown. Virgo, there’s going to be many uncomfortable moments for you this month when it comes to connection because so much can’t be controlled during an eclipse passage, and you love feeling in control. If you’re a single Virgo, you won’t necessarily know when the next time you’ll have sex is, or with who, and even if you’re able to invest your energy in more productive purposes, you’ll find yourself getting increasingly horny and restless, particularly once Mercury Retrograde begins on the 17th and activates your sector of expansion. Expand your collection of sex toys, maybe?

Be careful when starting new relationships or situationships this month, Virgo. A part of you may be feeling rebellious and contradictory, especially if you’ve recently ended a relationship. You may want to let go of the more practical side of yourself and you may even be down to talking to many people via online dating or saying yes to multiple dates consecutively. No, you’re not going crazy. It’s just that eclipse season is activating a much more daring and free-spirited side of you that’s emerging both in and out of the bedroom. You don’t want to play things safe when it comes to sex, you want to push your limits and see how far pleasure can take you. But since it’s eclipse and retrograde season, you’re still being advised to remain grounded while exploring your body’s strong urges, Virgo. Not everyone is on the same level of sexual regeneration or awakening as you’re currently experiencing, so be compassionate if your partners aren’t always as down to have sex or be intimate at any given moment. They’ll get there soon enough, especially if you keep it up. Your aura is pretty intoxicating, no matter how much they try to wean themselves.

Cancer Season starts the 20th, followed by the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring on the 21st and activating your sector of technology, social networks and friendships. There’s a high likelihood that if you’ve been crushing on a friend or they’ve been crushing on you, this eclipse will spark a new six-month chapter of you exploring a relationship where you’re more than friends. Since Venus’ retrograde will end on the 24th, you have the green light to keep exploring, but Mercury will still be retrograde until July, so if it’s a situationship or a friends with benefits situation, you may want to remind yourself that sex and love don’t have to be intertwined just yet, because people may not yet be sure of what they really want. No one would’ve thought that you’d be the type to chill out and not take sex so seriously, but this is the month where you’re able to do just that, Virgo. Of course you’re taking your sexual health and bliss seriously, but you’re being less controlling of those you seek to have sex or are having sex with, and that makes things infinitely more freaky and fun.