Virgo March

A magical Full Moon in your sign takes place this month, which means that your chances of feeling sexually blissed out increase exponentially, Virgo. But that’s only if you’re willing to not only believe it, but do something about it. Bomb sex manifests when you open yourself up to it, with passion and intention. A six-month chapter regarding to the way you viewed yourself and your attractiveness comes to an end this month, and any recurring insecurities you may have grappled with will start to disappear. Abracadabra, babe. It’s time to be an alchemist and focus on what you want to manifest sexually and romantically rather than what you’re tired of experiencing. Last month’s Pisces New Moon helped you soften your approach to how you give and receive love, and this month is about practicing vulnerability and making sure your super high standards aren’t locking you up in a four-walled room.

With Venus, the Planet of Love, entering Taurus this month, your ability to see things as they are, and not for what you’d like them to be, increases significantly. Your sector of expansion and adventure is activated this month, so traveling may be a great way to connect with someone new or deepen your current connection with someone. Ideally wait until after you ruler Mercury goes direct on the 9th to book those flights though, and go somewhere that’s so breathtaking that you don’t feel the need to check your phone or inbox every five seconds. Cultivating a greater art of presence in your connections will help deepen the power of your sexual magnetism. Too often you’re stuck in your own mind, going through a list of all the things you still have to do.

Your annual Virgo Full Moon takes place on the 9th, bringing to close a six-month cycle surrounding you questioning your own worth as a lover, friend, partner and creator. As a Virgo you are the most self-critical sign of the zodiac, but also the sign that’s closest to perfection. If you’ve felt lonely, misunderstood, or a bit alienated — even if you’re in a relationship — it’s likely because you’ve been like a caterpillar in its cocoon, getting prepared for its transformation. This month’s Full Moon in your sign is your transition from your internal world to the external world. Get ready for everyone to be blown away by your beauty and aura, particularly between March 5 and March 13th. It’s an ideal time to say yes to admirers’ requests to talk to you, take you out, eat you out / lick you all over, and treat you like the royal being that you are. Of course, your selectiveness won’t be giving just anyone the time of day, but your ruler Mercury’s shift into Aquarius will help you be more light-hearted and openminded about welcoming attention from potential, current, or even past suitors who come at you with the respect you deserve.

This month’s Full Moon may activate your naughty side. If you’re already boo’d up or have a consistent sexual partner, you’ll be more willing to let them know your freakiest fantasies, and you’ll encourage them to live them out with you. There are multiple sides to your Virgo nature, not just the control freak side… You also enjoy getting choked, whipped, dominated, or being the dominant boss in the bedroom. Since you’ll be the universal favorite mid-month, use it to your advantage by asking for specifically what you want. Mercury won’t be retrograde anymore, so you’re more likely to get what you want. Not everyone’s a mind reader, so if you don’t shoot your shot, you may end up sexually frustrated, for no damn reason.

Once Aries Season starts on the 19th, followed by the Aries New Moon on the 24th, your sector of depth and intimacy will be activated for four weeks, making sensuality literally ooze from your pores. Your mind will be on sex more than usual, and you’ll feel bolder, more daring and less inhibited as the month rounds out. The Aries New Moon on the 24th provides the perfect contrast to your more serious and mysterious Virgo Full Moon that took place two weeks prior. You would’ve already let out your shadow side and revealed some of your secret desires, and now the Aries energy asks you to spark a fire within your body and let your needs be seen and heard loud and clear.

The most daring Virgos may be down to make an erotic film with the right partner as the month rounds out, or make love in the movie theater or back of a car while watching an erotic film. Your daredevil side will be begging to be released because you’ve been nice for far too long. Whoever’s lucky enough to have you in their life romantically during Aries Season will feel like they’ve just won the lottery. Not only will you be in the mood to give, but you’ll be demanding (in a sexy and respectful way, of course) that you receive all the sexually explosive gifts that you crave. You can’t be tamed at this point, Virgo — and this means your body, mind, heart and soul will feel supremely satisfied.