Virgo November

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is retrograde the first 20 days of November, in the sign of Scorpio. What does this mean for your sex life? You’ll be thinking of the past more than usual, and what you “could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done” better or differently. But you shouldn’t go down the rabbit hole with all those thoughts, sweet Virgo, because Mercury Retrograde is here to show you that life’s full of unexpected twists and turns, and there’s a lesson in each and every one of them. There’s a reason you’re exactly where you are right now, even if a part of you may be tremendously confused at the situation. It’s all going to become clear to you once you make it through this final Mercury Retrograde of the decade — so keep pushing through. You’re about to give birth to a brand new you — and your lover(s) are going to notice this and want you even more.

It’s okay to let go of sexual partners or energy you’ve outgrown, Virgo. This may be the case this Scorpio Season as your communication sector is activated. You inherently know when you’re no longer into certain people, even if you’ve been a creature of habit and kept them around out of comfort, familiarity, or convenience. Ouch. Truth hurts babe. But it’s time to evolve and let go… Even if it gets lonely. You may spend the rest of Scorpio Season in conversation with yourself, analyzing the type of lover you’ve been.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio can lead to you overanalyzing yourself and your lovers though, so when that’s happening you may want to just take a break and just touch yourself. Seriously, it’s as simple as that. Practice being the source of your own pleasure more regularly and consistently, Virgo. Mercury Retrograde is the best time for you to do so because your subconscious mind becomes more clear about what it’s really craving once you take away all the distractions and purify your soul…

The Taurus Full Moon on November 12th can help you when it comes to stripping away what’s been holding you back, even if it’s painful. Full Moons symbolize endings and closure, and this one is taking place in your sector of expansion and adventure. This symbolizes that yes, you may have to mourn the end of a relationship or a situationship that’s long overdue, but as soon as you allow yourself to let go, something new will be reborn. And you’re the queen/king of upgrading your life, Virgo, so it’s quite possible that in the weeks after the Taurus Full Moon, you’ve manifested a romantic and sexual partner who contributes to the type of sexual bliss you’ve been seeking.

If you’re already with such a partner, use the dates surrounding the Full Moon (Nov 8 – 16th) to take them out, get real sexy and intimate with them, and expand your view of what your relationship typically looks like or feels like. You can release some of the more predictable or outdated parts of your connection and give it a boost. Get creative by looking back at some of the best sex experiences you’ve had with your lover(s), and using Mercury Retrograde’s energy to re-integrate those positions, moves, or naughty sayings into your current sex life.

Once Sagittarius Season begins November 22nd, your sector of roots and domesticity is activated. This can lead to you both wanting to feel greater commitment in your relationships, and greater freedom. Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, will be spending its final 10 days in its home sign of Sag, making you hornier, less predictable, and more impulsive in love and sex than usual. You may be craving outdoors sex, airplane sex, even bathroom sex (as long as it’s like a five-star hotel type of bathroom because cleanliness is a major turn-on for you).

Don’t place limits on the type of sex you can attract, or flirtatious connections you can engage with. Sexting, making eye contact with a stranger on the train, playing footsie under the dinner table with your blind date — Sag Season will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and let your freakiness be more visible and less enigmatic. If you need an extra push, Neptune going direct in your partnership sector on November 27th will be exactly what you need to realize that playing it safe is not going to get you laid — at least not in the orgasmic way you deserve this month. So break free from your inhibitions and view mind-blowing orgasms as your birthright.